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4 Movies and Short Films that were filmed in Hialeah

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Hialeah is a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, with a population of 233,339 at the 2019 census. It is a principal city of the Miami metropolitan area located in the west-northwest of Miami.

Hialeah has the highest percentage of Cuban and Cuban American residents of any city in the United States. Hialeah has two famous and main sites that are Florida National College and The Hialeah Park horse-racing track which became famous for its elaborate landscaping and flamingos.

Some of the movies filmed in Hialeah are mentioned below.

MIA-mi (2015):

This movie is written and directed by Yesenia Lima. It is a story about four young adults from Miami who wonder about the future that this city holds.

This movie is specifically about these four young adults that live in Miami and hold their own perspective about this city. The lives of all four of these adults are interconnecting and the city that they live in, Miami, is all about drugs, partying, and beaches in their point of view. As time goes by they think about what else Miami is and how different people see it.

Filming Locations:

Hialeah, Florida

Miami, Florida

The Nothing Doers (2012):

The movie “The nothing doers” is written and directed by Dennis Velazquez. It is a story about two bored and always mad and agitated young men who argue and create fuss all the time. This eventually leads to a fistfight over a host of meaningless and dull topics.

When these two men with the same negative and anger-filled personalities live together, they find a mundane reason to create a fuss about. In every topic they discuss they find reasons to create a fuss, which eventually leads to their fistfighting.

Filming Locations:

Hialeah, Florida

Miami Lakes, Florida

Cruel and Usual (2008):

This short horror thrilling movie is written by Martin David Hill and directed by Louis Lowy. It is a dark, supernatural drama that involves a terrible and cruel husband who kills his girlfriend and asks for help from his wife in cleaning out the crime scene.

When a man kills his girlfriend, he convinces and asks for help from his wife to clean up the crime scene when he disposes of the body. The wife agrees to do it but while she is doing it, the scenes from this ghastly murder haunt her by the visions of the girlfriend. A spiritualist who lives in the same apartment building senses trouble and visits the wife. She performs a seance with the wife and also sees the murder. As the husband returns, the wife hastily removes the medium but she forgets her handbag behind. As the wife and the medium come face to face again to return the handbag, an unexpected twist causes the wife to face her own fate.

Filming Location:

Hialeah, Florida

Miami, Florida

Hurricane Flora (2021):

This movie is written and directed by Gabriel de Varona. This short film was a project which was used for film festival submissions. It revolves around the life of a documentary filmmaker who decides to dig up the traumatic past of her father.

This movie is about a documentary filmmaker and her boyfriend who ride out a hurricane at her Cuban parents’ house. Since due to the hurricane they are locked in for the weekend she decides to interview her emotionally reserved father about his dark and traumatic past in Cuba. Once she starts asking questions from her father, tensions rise and things become very awkward.

Filming Locations:

Hialeah, Florida

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