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3 movies that were filmed in Garland

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Garland is one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Texas. It's the 12th most populous city in Texas with a population of 239,928. The city is home to several entertainment venues including the famous Granville Arts Center. There are hundreds of natural and recreational parks in the city that attract visitors each year. The city has an industrial economy along with tourism.

A few from the many award-winning movies that were filmed in Garland are listed below,

Wuss (2011)

A comedy film, written and directed by Clay Liford

Mitch Parker, a high school teacher whose life has been ridiculous and shameful as he gets beaten by his own students continuously. To overcome the torture he is left with no choice other than ganging up against those students with another team of students of his college to fight back.

In Mitch's team, there is a young girl, also one of his students who is cornered in the school due to her bad and dark family reputation, who also gets accused by the other students for smoking discarded cigarettes. Amidst the chaos, the teacher and this girl develop a friendship and it turns into an inappropriate relationship which initiates several problems. Do you think they will stand by each other to fight the obstacles that stand their way?

Filming location:

Garland, Texas, USA (school scenes)

Dallas, Texas, USA

Suburban Coven (2018)

A horror feature story written by Vu Nguyen and directed by Chris Keaton.

Andy and Linda Larson, a newly married couple who start their new life in the suburbs in Garland, Texas with so many hopes about their future, on kids and having a beautiful family of their own, meet with a tragic accident, and with that traumatic experience, they face some issues in their life in the bedroom as the mentality of them was affected deeply with the incident. As they decide to seek treatment for sexual dysfunction, they have been forced into a dangerous game with their suburban neighbors that may even cause the newly wedded couple's death.

Filming location:

Dallas, Texas, USA

Garland, Texas, USA

God's Land (2010)

Written and directed by Preston Miller based on a true story.

Ming-Tien Hou, a wealthy man who lives in Taiwan with his wife, Xiu, and his son, decides to leave for Garland, Texas to follow his teacher, Chen who is also claiming that God has spoken to him directly and revealed about the world's end and how a spaceship would come and take the true believers of God to a paradise which is situated in another dimension.

Ming-Tien Hou believes his teacher's every word and expects to see the god's lands and help his teacher to promote his predictions about the end of the world. After Hou's family moves to Garland, they first get to live with another family sharing a house, and also there is a rule to wear the same clothes as per teacher Chen's beliefs.

As the teacher Chen took English language lessons to deliver the message about the world's end, he manages to achieve major press coverage as well as hundreds of people around him as his followers.

However, the movie reveals the faith, spirituality, beliefs, and respect of the people towards their God.

Filming location:

Garland, Texas, USA

Long Island, New York, USA

The president's man: A line in the sand (2002), Dr. T & the Women (2000), The Lotus (2015), Saving Jessica Lynch (2003) are also a few of the other award-winning movies that were filmed in this city.

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