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3 Movies that were filmed in Irving

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Irving is an amazing city that has so many tourist attractions and cultural beauty.

Thirteenth most populous city in the state of Texas with a population of 239,798. The city's economy is mainly based on businesses and several giant businesses, such as Aeroxchange, Envoy Air, and Microsoft, have their headquarters established in Irving. There are also hundreds of cultural attractions which have become a major contribution to the tourism industry.

With its great landscapes and architecture, the city has provided great locations for several movies, some of them are stated below:

Neon Days (2019)

A psychological thriller that owns four awards including Best Director, is written and directed by Sheldon Maddux.

24-year-old Jake with an introverted personality, who suffers from several psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, and anger management issues, meets with a seasoned therapist for the treatments. As his therapist suggests, exploring his past, present and future life would help him overcome the psychological issues he agrees with that and he realizes the major cause for his psychological issues is his messy childhood and adolescence. After the session, he starts to look at life from a different perspective and he begins to heal with time.

A must-watch as the movie is mainly based on depression which is the major psychological issue in today's young generation.

Filming location:

Irving, Texas, USA

Dallas, Texas, USA

The Final (2010)

A horror drama, written and directed by Jason Kabalati and Joey Stewart respectively.

Emily, Jack, Ravi, Andy, and Dane are a group of students who are getting bullied continuously and also are outcasts among the students. Some of them are also having issues with their families.

There is only one popular kid, Kurtis who is friendly with the group and he invites them to a video shooting event in his place along with the popular kids. There they pick a fight against Ravi and break his camera.

The outcasts decide to take revenge on the bullies and they organize a costume party inviting all the popular kids who used to bully them and as a favor to Kurtis they spare him. On the day of the party, the group is dressed as horror movie characters and gets the bullies on drugs, chains them, and tortures them tremendously without leaving a clue.

The movie gives a very important message on child bullying and how the rage that gets built on their mind with time, changes an innocent individual to a revengeful person.

Filming location:

Irving, Texas, USA

Mind of Its Own (2018)

A romantic comedy, written and directed by Jason Kabolati,

Johnny, a young man who dreams to have a sexy girlfriend with a perfect body and an attractive personality. Even though he finally meets the girl of his dreams, he is unable to make her fall for him alone and gets help from his 'family jewels'. Johnny and the girl start getting to know each other and eventually a romantic relationship begins. As the relationship progresses, mutual understanding problems occur between them mainly due to a lack of communication. Hilariously, Johnny doesn't communicate with his girlfriend but he talks with his sex organs.

A hysterical movie where you can laugh till the end.

Filming location:

Irving, Texas, USA

Dallas, Texas, USA

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001), Any given Sunday (1999), Born on the Fourth of July (1989), The Trip to Bountiful (1985) are some more of the best and successful movies that have been filmed in Irving.

Do you know any other movie that was filmed in this beautiful city or have you seen any of those listed above? Let me know in the comments.


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