3 Movies with the Main Film Locations in Missouri

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Many filmmakers from all over the world swarm to Missouri to film movies that are famous worldwide!

Missouri is the crossroads of the United States. Missouri combines the cultures of the east and the West's experiences to create a unique environment and occasion. Even in the territorial days, the central location of this state made it an attractive option for farmers, immigrants, and early entrepreneurs.

Missouri adopted a statehood resolution in 1818. The explosive growth of the population in the area should've made it an easy request. However, there was still a national debate about maintaining a balance between states that supported slavery and freedom. The legislature had asked Congress for admission as a slave state, but Congress attached amendments to it that were antislavery.

With Maine coming in to preserve the balance, it would take two years to complete the Missouri Compromise. Missouri was admitted to the Union as the 24th state in 1821 and was the first state entirely west of the Mississippi River to be recognized.

Here are 3 of the world-famous movies which were filmed in Missouri:

Turbine (2011)

Turbine is about Nick, an adulterous New Yorker who moves to the Midwest with Sarah. Nick soon forms a bond with a wealthy local farmer and discovers that the secret that haunts him cannot be forgotten. Despite having fertility issues, Nick and Sarah, a New York City couple, decide to move to the Midwest so that Nick can pursue a career in wind energy while Sarah can make a fresh start outside of the city. In this dark drama set against the windmills of rural Missouri, Nick forms a unique bond with the mysterious mystery haunting him with the help of a wealthy local farmer.

Filming locations:

  • Rock Port, Missouri, USA
  • Tarkio, Missouri, USA

Winter's Bone (2010)

Winter's Bone features one unflinching Ozark Mountain girl, while trying to keep her family intact, hacks through dangerous social terrain to pursue her drug-dealing father. Living in the Ozark backwoods, seventeen-year-old Ree Dolly is the primary caregiver for her mentally ill mother, as well as her two younger siblings, twelve-year-old Sonny and six-year-old Ashlee. Jessup Dolly, who earns a living primarily by operating a methamphetamine lab, is usually absent from their lives. Ree needs the generous assistance of Sonya and Jessup to help them make ends meet when they can't rely on Jessup. Ree finds out her father is scheduled for a court appearance for his illegal activities and that he skipped bail, pledging their house and property as a bond. Unfortunately, nobody seems to know where Jessup is. Ree has to find Jessup to make sure he shows up for his court appearance or risk losing their home.

Filming locations:

  • Forsyth, Missouri, USA
  • Christian County, Missouri, USA
  • Taney County, Missouri, USA
  • Branson, Missouri, USA

Begging for Billionaires (2009)

Begging for Billionaires explores the erosion of private property rights in the United States. It reveals how local governments use tax money and abuse eminent domain policies to aid private developers and corporations. However, the property rights that once defined us as a nation have virtually vanished. This documentary is the first to expose the outrageous practices of local officials and Fortune 500 companies that give billionaire developers and Fortune 500 companies large parcels of my property. As a result, poor and disadvantaged families end up homeless with little notice. Hard-working Americans hold back tears as their family histories are bulldozed to smithereens. A demolition crew pulverizes the walls around them as heartless homeowners scramble to save their life's possessions.

Filming locations:

  • Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  • St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Bonus: More movies filmed in Missouri:

  • King of the Hill (1993)
  • The Pride of St. Louis (1952)
  • In Our Backyard (2009)
  • Johnson Family Vacation (2004)
  • Albino Farm (2009)

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