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Delicious Gulf Fish Amandine from the Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans

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While I was on holiday in New Orleans with my friends, we came across an attractive restaurant called Brennan’s Restaurant at 417 Royal St, New Orleans.

Address: 417 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States



We were hungry, and without any single thought, we entered the restaurant. The service of the restaurant looked great from the start. We were handed a menu to choose our meal and were told about the famous Creole Cuisine for which the restaurant is famous.

Well, we ordered the Creole cuisine and ordered Gulf Fish for our meal. It was such a quick service, as we got the order on our table in 10 minutes.

History of the Brennan’s

Owen Brennan, the owner of the Old Absinthe House, was teased by Count Arnaud that an Irishman's culinary skills ended with boiled potatoes; he was determined to prove him wrong.

So, in 1946 he opened Owen Brennan's Vieux Carre Restaurant on Bourbon Street, where Bananas Foster, Breakfast at Brennan's, and history were made in the process.

Why is Brennan’s famous for

For almost seventy years, Brennan's has enchanted the palates and hearts of benefactors with its breathtaking vibe, perfect help, and real Creole food. Exquisite dishes like Bananas Foster and Eggs Hussarde are Brennan's firsts, imitated across the globe.

Impeccable service at their restaurant over several years played a great role in their global recognition.

Some more of their famous foods:

  1. Banana foster
  2. Turtle Soup
  3. Beet Cured Salmon Toast
  4. Crawfish & Asparagus Omelette
  5. Artisanal Eggs Benedict

They’re also famous for their two types of coffee- New Orleans Style Coffee and Single Origin Coffee

Great Gulf Fish meal and the great service

The gulf fish meal at Brennan's was amazing! Within 10 minutes of the order, we got it on our table. The staff was very attentive and caring. They’ve always looked after us from the time we entered.

I got the fish along with the bananas foster & creole cuisine - it was oh so good. The texture of the Gulf Fish was crispy. It was so good that we wanted to taste it again.

Final thoughts

Finally, I would say that we enjoyed a lot at Brennan's Restaurant.

Starting from their attractive environment, impeccable service, and excellent food quality amazed us. Brennan’s food looks attractive and fresh. It felt like it was a home service.

We were thrilled & look forward to visiting again.

We have decided to recommend the restaurant to our friends and family.

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