Best & Worst States: What is South Carolina No. 1 at?

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After the Revolutionary War, the original thirteen states were South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington. During Hernando de Soto's expedition here, in 1540, exploration began in the area. After the English Crown granted land rights to eight proprietors to form a colony in 1670, the first settlers arrived. Most of them were wealthy planters and their slaves who lived in Barbados.

Cotton and sugar were the first cash crops grown in the state as a result of this labor. The native populations tried to fight back to keep their land; however, the Yamasee War preserved the colony. Later, the settlers overthrew the rule of their proprietors, allowing for more direct representation.

Also, in South Carolina, Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor for the first time in the Civil War. Congress would shut down the civilian government in 1867, place the state in Reconstruction for the next decade, and then alter the structure of the laws to again favor white voters and land ownership as a requirement for voting.

As South Carolina developed its economy into one of the best in the United States since 1965, they have emphasized equality, education, and job opportunities.

These are some best and worst things to consider if you are considering living or paying a visit to this magnificent state:

Best: Hospitable people

There is a perception that South Carolinians are extremely friendly. In fact, Charleston (in South Carolina) is ranked no. 1 as a city with the friendliest people in the south. No matter if you move there for a short time or a lifetime, you'll find the residents warm and welcoming. People here appear to have a more relaxed attitude toward life, partly because of their culture, but it is also because of their slower pace compared to cities to the north. When spending time with family is a priority for you, every day can feel like a vacation. It's a perfect place to settle down.

Best: Friendly weather

Although South Carolina does face the occasional hurricane, the weather is generally pleasant throughout the year. No matter how sunny the day is, humidity levels are not quite the same here as in other coastal locations. It's very comfortable, especially when it's sunny. Unfortunately, it cannot be accessible during the summer months to keep cool. However, the beaches can also be a great relief.

Now, let us glance at what the worst parts of South Carolina are:

Worst: Hot sauces!

When you visit the many restaurants in South Carolina, you will find countless local hot sauces. Locals apply it to practically everything, and if you are unprepared for it, the heat will get you. Ghost chilies are used in almost every recipe in the state, which means that their food will be hot and spicy! Smoking Ed's Carolina Reaper is in several of them, with a world record for the most sizzling hot sauce originating locally.

Worst: Sweet tea!

Being a South Carolina resident means getting used to sweet teas! When your average is available in the state, sweet tea contains about 23 grams of sugar for every 8-ounce serving. As a result, the sweetness level in some places, especially in small businesses, is higher than in most sugared carbonated drinks. However, only in rare circumstances are all teas served this way in the state, so you should proceed with caution.

We don't end here! Here are more interesting facts about South Carolina:

  1. Campbell's Covered Bridge, built-in 1909, is the only remaining covered bridge in South Carolina. Off Hwy 14 near Gowensville.
  2. The salamander was given the honor of the official state amphibian.
  3. The American fort on Sullivan Island, in Charleston Harbor, was constructed of spongy palmetto logs, which helped protect the defense by deflecting British cannonballs.
  4. The City of Myrtle Beach is in the center of the Grand Strand, a 60-mile crescent of beach on the South Carolina coast. In the last 25 years, Myrtle Beach has developed into the premier resort destination on the East Coast.
  5. South Carolina joined the Union on May 23, 1788, and became the eighth state.
  6. David Robert Coker (1870-1938) conducted his early crop-improvement experiments on the family plantation in Hartsville. Beginning with 30 experimental cotton selections and methodically applying the latest techniques in the scientific breeding of crops, the work of Coker Experimental Farms played a significant role in the agricultural revolution in the South.
  7. The state dance of South Carolina is the Shag!
  8. The first battle of the Civil War took place at Fort Sumter.
  9. South Carolina is the leading shipper and producer of peaches east of the Mississippi River.
  10. Before being given Palmetto State and having it emblazoned on the license plates, it was known as the Iodine State.

So what do you think about South Carolina? Please share your best and worst experiences in this state with us by writing them down in the comment box below!


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