Best & Worst States: What is Wyoming No. 1 at?

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Wyoming is also known as "Equality State" because women's rights have traditionally been protected here, with Wyoming becoming the first place in the country to allow voting, hold public office, and serve on a jury. In addition, while the state's politics typically gravitate toward conservative issues, there is a certain sense of progressiveness about the state's communities, making it an ideal place to live.

Wyoming was once inhabited by great herds of buffalo roaming the hills, mountains, and valleys. Founded by "Buffalo Bill" William Cody, Cody is near Yellowstone National Park. In addition to him, many other important historical figures from the United States found themselves living here, from Sacajawea to John Colter. Museums throughout the state showcase the unique romanticism peculiar to the late 19th century in the West, which is reflected in museums throughout the state.

These citizens made positive impacts because they lived here, including Kit Carson, Jedediah Smith, Davey Jackson, Ester Hobart Morris, and Estelle Reel.

We have provided below some of the best and worst you need to consider if you want to live or visit Wyoming.

Best: Western food is mouthwatering!

In the United States, you won't find a more "western" culture than Wyoming's. A strong emphasis on healthy eating is present in the available food options. Many menus will offer items unavailable further east, such as its white chicken chili, its bison-burgers, and its elk. It is a food group on its own once you start living here. Trout, steaks, and jerky are famous. Don't forget about the Rocky Mountain Oysters either, since that sounds much better than "deep-fried bull testicles."

Best: Low crime rate

Despite Wyoming having the second-lowest violent crime rate in the U.S., it has about two-thirds as many incidents of violent crime. The state also has five points of lower property crime per 1,000 people than the national average of 27.11 per 1,000 people. In addition, 95% of counties are better than average at reducing violent crimes, and 86% have a lower property crime rate.

Lander has reported zero violent crime incidents in each last two years (2017, 2018). Lander is one of the safest places to live in the United States. About 7,500 people are living here. You'll also be able to access Yellowstone via Highway 26 and get supplies in Casper. It takes a while for people to adjust to the distances when they move here, but they get used to it quickly.

At this point, let us know some of the worst in Wyoming:

Worst: Storms are a common scenario

As soon as you move to Wyoming, it would help if you kept up with the forecast for the next three days. Tornadoes are prevalent in the late spring and early summer; all residents know what to do if a disaster strikes if a drill like this is held frequently statewide. As part of your relocation process, you should review hail safety information as well. Since flash floods can occur here with heavy rain, you should check the flash flood information about your property to ensure everyone in your family will stay safe.

Worst: Limited shopping options

As the state's population centers are so small, it can be not easy occasionally to look for something if you are looking for a niche product. You can still access all of the major retail chains when you live here, but you will only have limited choices for specialty items. Limited shopping options combined with the spotty cell service, especially in rural areas or mountains, is an epitome of frustration.

Bonus: Fun facts about Wyoming

  1. Wyoming's license plates feature a man on a bucking bronco.
  2. Wyoming was the first state to give women the right to vote.
  3. Yellowstone is the first official National Park (1872)
  4. Devils Tower was designated as the first National Monument (1906)
  5. The city of Gillette has the largest High School in the state (Campbell County High School)
  6. The first coal mine in Wyoming was in Carbon in 1867
  7. The largest coal mine in the USA is Black Thunder, located near Wright.
  8. Wyoming leads the country in coal production in 1994 with 3 million tons per week.
  9. The JCPenney stores started in Kemmerer.
  10. The first Dude Ranch in Wyoming was the Eaton Ranch, near Wolf. The Eaton's also came up with the term "dude."

Do you think Wyoming is for you? Let us know your thoughts by sharing them in the comment section below!


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