Best & Worst States: What is Nebraska No. 1 at?

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Nebraska is a state in the heartland of the United States, mostly an agricultural state. Their urban centers are among the best developed in the country and offer the best employment opportunities. However, it is not a perfect place; that is why we studied the pros and cons of living in Nebraska.

There is a beautiful landscape in Nebraska, which is in the middle of the United States. In terms of education, living, and more, the people here tend to maintain a relatively high standard of living.

The state is also known for its summer thunderstorms, which bring lightning, rain, and clouds in the summertime. A large reservoir of underground water is also found in the state, making it the largest pool in the country. It will help you get an answer if you are thinking about moving to Nebraska for any reason.

Here are the best things you can enjoy in Nebraska:

Best: Rich job opportunities

This state great job opportunities and has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, which is around 2.8%. The government was also ranked 16th and said to have some of the best job opportunities.

Among the highly recommended professions are web developers, computer numerical controllers, and more.

Best: World-class museums

The localities of Nebraska are proud of their rich history. Therefore, you will find at least one museum in every city that displays the proud heritage of the ancient people.

People fascinated by ancient history might stay in this state forever since they can learn a lot about it.

Best: Majestic nature

There is always a river or lake near you where you can enjoy boating, fishing, and more. You can find peace and solitude even if you live in a crowded place. If you are on vacation in Nebraska, you might discover extending your stay because of its majestic nature!

It is not all sunshine in Nebraska because you will also experience some of its worst. Here are a few:

Worst: Be prepared with tornadoes!

Tornadoes are frequently recorded in the state, and the climate is unpredictable whenever possible. During summer, autumn, and spring, tornadoes and thunderstorms can occur in the valley.

Worst: The crime rate is exceptionally high!

While Nebraska is generally one of the safer states in the country, there is some extent of crime in every state. For example, the violent crime rate in Nebraska increased from 2.8 to 3.0 per 1,000 people last year. Property crime, on the other hand, decreased slightly from 20.8 to 20.4.

Crime rates in Nebraska are high. Even though violent crimes are rare in this state, petty theft is common, especially during Christmas and New Year.

Additionally, car theft is a common crime, although none of them results in violence.

Worst: Super freezing winters and scorching summers!

Another disadvantage of moving to Nebraska is the scorching summers. In the state, winters can be harsh, while summers can be pretty hot. Winter temperatures drop below zero, causing a feeling of cold exacerbated by strong winds.

Are you having fun yet? Here are more interesting facts about Nebraska:

  1. Nebraska was once called "The Great American Desert."
  2. In 1927, Edwin E. Perkins of Hastings invented the powered soft drink Kool-Aid.
  3. J. Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day in Nebraska City in 1872.
  4. The state nickname used to be the "Tree Planter's State" but was changed in 1945 to the "Cornhusker State."
  5. The state insect is the honeybee.
  6. State motto: Equality before the law.
  7. The goldenrod was declared the state flower on April 4, 1895.
  8. The Naval Ammunition Depot located in Hastings was the largest U.S. ammunition plant providing 40% of WWII's ammunition.
  9. The Lied Jungle located in Omaha is the world's largest indoor rain forest.
  10. Nebraska is the birthplace of the Reuben sandwich.

Be kind enough and share with us what you think about Nebraska's best and worst parts in the comment section below!


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