Best & Worst States: What is North Carolina No. 1 at?

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North Carolina has some of the most picturesque mountain views that you can find when you live here. All along the Atlantic Coast, there are stunning beaches to explore. The diversity of the state encourages people to seek out great jobs with good pay. Also, there is an extra level of respect in this community for independent thought and personal belief systems.

The first European colonies were established in North Carolina in the late 16th century, and both failed. Eventually, however, settlers from Virginia began to drift into the state to create a formal British Colony. This colony became independent from Great Britain for the first time, according to legend, in 1775. After the Revolutionary War, it became the 12th state to join the Union.

North Carolina also seceded from the United States during the Civil War, joining the Confederacy in 1861. Four years later, the state's troops surrendered. The country rejoined the Union in 1968.

A historic first flight took place on the beaches of the state. In the United States, Raleigh-Durham has been ranked as the best place to live. These are the best and worst parts of living in North Carolina that you must consider today if you consider moving or visiting here.

Let us have a taste of the best things in North Carolina! We have enumerated a few ones for you:

Best: Very accommodating people!

In North Carolina, you'll always find the occasional grumpy person who treats you as a stranger, but the hospitality here tends to extend to everyone. Most people want to get to know you better when they talk to you, and they usually smile when they do. If you are well acquainted with the stereotype of Southern hospitality, then there is a good chance that its author was exploring this state. You will most likely be welcomed into most households as an addition to their family.

Best: They take their barbecues seriously in North Carolina!

North Carolinians can argue about many things every day, but there is also one thing they agree on in the state: good barbecue. Though some debate the best type of barbecue, you will agree that get-togethers with incredible sauces, smoked items, and all the fixings are among the best reasons to call the state home.

There are two main types of barbecue you can encounter in the state: Lexington and Eastern. The former offers a pepper-based sauce with vinegar to give the food a bit of a bite. Later ketchup is added to a variety of spices that are then put on the sandwiches. It is rare for someone to enjoy them both, so give them a try and join the debate!

This time, let us take a peek of what could be the worst things you will experience in North Carolina:

Worst: Hurricanes!

Residents in North Carolina feel that the weather is usually pleasant most of the time, but the state is also at risk of hurricane damage. As the storm tracks through, moisture surges can cause floods dozens of miles inland, but the chances are generally higher for households closer to the coast. Every year, hunting season runs from June 1 to November 30. However, outliers can occur a little earlier or later in some years.

North Carolina has experienced over 400 tropical storms or subtropical storms throughout its history, causing over $11 billion in damage and causing almost 1,100 deaths. September is the month with the most storms each year.

Worst: Slow educational progress

North Carolina's prestigious university systems offer some of the best educational opportunities in the world today. Unfortunately, these benefits do not extend to public education for K-12 students since the state ranks 32nd in the nation for safety and quality of education provided. Graduation rates, student-teacher ratios, assessment scores, and results from reading examinations were part of the assessment.

North Carolina has one of the lowest expenditure rates per student in the country, just $9,217, which helps explain their K-12 scores.

Bonus: Fun facts about North Carolina, which you will surely enjoy:

  1. The North Carolina University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has been in existence since 1795.
  2. It was on Kill Devil Hill near Kitty Hawk, where the Wright Brothers flew the first powered human flight in 1903. Kitty Hawks now houses the Wright Memorial as a monument to the Wrights' accomplishments.
  3. Furniture is a significant industry in High Point.
  4. At the time, Beaufort Town was known locally as "Fish Town" during the early 1700s when Blackbeard frequented the coast. It was eventually granted the right to collect duties in 1722.
  5. The Outer Banks of NC hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.
  6. Whitewater Falls in Transylvania County is the highest waterfall in the eastern United States.
  7. Because of erosion-related problems, the giant lighthouse of Cape Hatteras had to be moved.
  8. The Tarheels, the University of North Carolina's mascot, are a nickname for North Carolinians that dates back to the days when the state produced a lot of tar and was supposedly a result of someone stepping in the tar.
  9. Charles Karault was born and raised in Wilmington.
  10. Havelock is home to Marine Base "Cherry Point." It is the most extensive airbase in the Marine Corps.

What can you say about North Carolina's best and worst parts? Feel free to leave comments below!


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