The University of Alabama is the best University in Alabama

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The United States has some of the best universities in the world, with 302 universities included in the QS World University Rankings: USA 2020. Study, learning experience, diversity and internationalization, and employability are the four metrics used to assemble the US rankings.

Even though there are many great universities, only one could become the best one in the state:

University of Alabama (141-150 in the US rankings)

The University of Alabama is a senior comprehensive doctoral-level college and the state's oldest public university. The University was established under legislative mandates and authorizations as a result of constitutional provisions. Its aim is to improve the educational and social well-being of the citizens of the state by providing high-quality training, science, and service services.

Mission Supporting Activities The University of Alabama's efforts are based on a diverse set of research and artistic endeavors, all of which have been recognised for their contributions to the state's economic, technical, and cultural growth. The Amelia Gorgas Library, a member of the Association of Research Libraries, supports the University's colleges and schools by providing ongoing stimulation for their educational programs by research and artistic activity. The University offers a wide variety of baccalaureate programs in the arts and humanities, science and technology, pre-professional, and professional areas at the undergraduate level.

Any undergraduate program has a general education aspect, which is provided by a university-wide core curriculum. Graduate programs focus on the advancement of original scholarship, study, and artistic practice, and are based on these undergraduate pillars. Professional schools, like the state's only public law school, train candidates for leadership positions and high standards of expertise.

The University's on-campus climate, as one of the state's main residential campuses, helps students flourish academically and personally. Recognizing that education is a lifetime pursuit, the University provides non-traditional students with a variety of educational resources.

The University's research, creative activities, and instructional programs serve as a foundation for extensive service activities, forming a number of partnerships with businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government through the application of new knowledge, and these relationships often extend beyond the state's borders as the University aids regional, national, and international development efforts.

Here are some interesting facts about this university:

The University of Alabama only accepted white students until the 1960s. Racial segregation was widespread in the American South at the time, and the university refused to admit any students of color. The university's first effort to integrate occurred in 1956, when Autherine Lucy successfully enrolled as a graduate student in library sciences on February 3 after obtaining a court order barring the university from refusing her application on the grounds of race. Lucy was suspended (and subsequently expelled) three days later by the board of trustees for failing to provide a secure learning atmosphere for her in the face of violent demonstrations against her presence. Vivian Malone and James Hood did not register for classes until June 11, 1963, when the university became integrated.

Tuscaloosa was struck by a tornado rated EF4 on the Enhanced Fujita scale on April 27, 2011, leaving a vast trail of total damage but sparing the campus. The university announced the death of six students who lived off-campus. The university suspended the remainder of the spring semester and delayed graduation due to the city's infrastructure destruction (approximately 12% of the city) and the loss of life.

The Alabama Crimson Tide are the intercollegiate athletic teams at the University of Alabama (this name can be shortened to Alabama, the Crimson Tide, or even the Tide). The nickname Crimson Tide comes from a 1907 football game in Birmingham between Alabama and Auburn University, in which Alabama forced a draw after a hard-fought game in torrential rain in which Auburn was overwhelmingly favored to win. One sportswriter referred to the offensive line as a "Crimson Tide," referring to their uniforms, which were painted red from the wet mud.

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