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Delaware is famous as The First State. Because it ratified the Constitution the earliest in 1787, it has earned the nickname "Eastern State." This tiny state is also home to just under a million people, even though it's on the smallest tract of land in the nation. The tiny state of Delaware is referred to as The Small Wonder because of its beauty and the small population it has. The State of Delaware is home to charming beach towns, historic colonial structures, and majestic landscapes. There are millions of visitors to Delaware each year, even though it is the second smallest state in the union. More than 25,000 people visit Rehoboth Beach each summer, a popular attraction

Living in Delaware is a beautiful experience! Delaware has several things that make it a great place to live. Although it seems like it should be a small state and is often underrated, there are a few good things about the state that make it so. Let us look at some of the perks of living in Delaware and see if these are meaningful to you.

Best: Beaches and watersports

Among the 30 coastal states in the United States, Delaware beaches consistently rank first in water quality. There is so much to do and so much to see in Dewey Beach with its live entertainment, skim-boarding, and water sports, or Rehoboth Beach with its mile-long boardwalk, shopping, and surf; or Bethany Beach's Quiet Resorts. Other water sports include stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing, and parasailing.

Best: Tax Benefits

Residents of Delaware have many attractive tax benefits besides real estate taxes. The state collects neither a sales tax nor social security tax. The state income tax on pension funds is $12,500 before the retiree can access his funds. In addition, it is reported that Delaware does not charge inheritance or personal property taxes (though, as in other places, their tax laws can change over time).

Of course, residing in the First State may offer some drawbacks. Here are a few of the worst things about Delaware:

Worst: Population

More than a million people now live in Delaware. Texas has a population density of about 970,000 despite only occupying a total of 1,954 square miles and only a fraction of the US's entire territory. Wilmington and Dover also experience urban sprawl, which causes additional concern for some residents.

Worst: Pollution

Delaware's high population density may explain the high level of pollution concerns that persist there, too. A growing number of municipalities struggle to maintain pristine waterways, beaches, and marshes. Delaware has numerous sensitive coastal wetlands, which makes the problem even worse.

Bonus: Interesting facts about Delaware:

  1. Delaware was the first state to ratify the United States constitution. It did so on December 7, 1787.
  2. Delaware shares a semi-circular border with Pennsylvania. William Penn received his original land grants from King Charles II and the Duke of York during the drawing of the border.
  3. The nation's first scheduled steam railroad began in New Castle in 1831.
  4. The United States battleship Delaware was commissioned in 1910.
  5. Delaware is the only state without any National Park System units such as national parks, seashores, historic sites, battlefields, memorials, and monuments.
  6. Delmar is popularized as a bit of town too big for one state. The community has the distinction of being located partly in Delaware and partly in Maryland.
  7. The most historic site in Frederica is Barratt's Chapel, east of town. The chapel is where the Methodist Church of America was organized in 1784.
  8. Today about 500 descendants of the original Nanticoke Indians reside in Delaware. They celebrate their heritage each September with the Nanticoke Indian Pow Wow.
  9. The log cabin originated in Finland. Finnish settlers arrived in Delaware in the mid-1600s and brought with them plans for the log cabin, one of the enduring symbols of the American pioneer. One of the cabins has been preserved and is on display at the Delaware Agricultural Museum in Dover.
  10. John Dickinson was called the Penman of the Revolution for his writings on independence. His boyhood home is preserved in Dover.

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