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Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, was admitted into the Union as the 49th and last state on February 14, 1912. Spanish and Mexican territory initially resided there but ceded their part to the United States in 1848. The land went on to become a separate territory in 1863. Copper was first discovered in Arizona in 1854, and copper mining continued as the state's most important industry until the 1950s. With refrigeration and air conditioning becoming more widely available after World War II, the population of Arizona boomed, making Phoenix one of the fastest-growing cities in America. A large part of Arizona's population lives in Phoenix. Throughout its history, it has had a predominantly urban population, particularly after the mid-20th century, when urban and suburban areas have increased at the expense of the countryside. Scholars claim that the state's name comes from a Basque term meaning "place of oaks," whereas others believe that it was derived from an Indian phrase describing a place with a bit of spring.

Best: Hiking

There is an absolute beauty to the wilderness surrounding Arizona. You will experience some breathtaking scenery when hiking through the state's backcountry because of the predominant beige color. Among the many options you can choose between are the Seven Falls Trail in Tucson, the Echo Trail in Camelback Mountain, or even the most famous Grand Canyon. Your hiking options are never-ending in Arizona!

Best: Cost of Living

Those from "expensive" places like New York and San Francisco move to Arizona because of its low cost of living. Since people can live comfortably in cities like Phoenix and Tucson while still affording a good life, it's no wonder they want to keep living in Arizona.

Not everything is good in Arizona. There are a lot who opt to move out of the state for some reasons, which we enumerate below:

Worst: Frequent afternoon monsoons

During the late summer, Arizona experiences a frequent afternoon monsoon, but it is excellent weather otherwise. Monsoons are famous for producing intense storms that cause flooding or damage due to lightning strikes throughout the year. Massive dust storms also appear in the media regularly.

Worst: Gun ownership

Due to its widespread distribution, gun ownership is a significant problem within the state. Of course, a lot of people will find this is a considerable advantage. It is a better idea not to move to Arizona if you do not like guns. It will make you feel unsafe walking around knowing that every third person on the street owns a firearm. From a political viewpoint, Arizona generally leans toward conservative values.

Here are fun facts you might now know about Arizona:

1. Arizona is home to 22 national parks and national monuments.

2. Almost 100 wineries and 22 varieties of wine are produced in Arizona.

3. It is said that Arizona has over 75 licensed craft breweries  (and growing).

4. A total of 51 James Beard nominations have come from Arizona chefs and restaurants since 2010.

5. Saguaro cacti are only found in the Sonoran Desert region of Arizona.

6. Throughout the state, there are 35 state parks and natural areas, preserving the state's cultural, recreational, and natural resources.

7. A hiker, mountain biker, horseback rider, and cross-country skier can enjoy more than 800 miles of trails on the Arizona Trail.

8. The Grand Falls and Havasu Falls waterfalls are two of the top-rated waterfalls in the United States, and they are both in Arizona.

9. Only one wonder of the world, the Grand Canyon National Park, is located inside the United States.

10. In travel + leisure's list of the top 10 best destination spas, three can are in Arizona, including two in Tucson and one in Sedona.

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