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The Best Places to Eat and Drink in Salt Lake City

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If you have never been to Salt Lake City, then you really are missing out on some of the best restaurants, pubs, bars, lounges and restaurants around the world. Salt Lake City is located in the state of Utah. This place is a melting pot of cultures. When people go here, they bring with them their whole culture. It is not just a cheap place to eat and drink; it is also filled with the sights and sounds of an eclectic, world-famous music festival and the oldest continually operating laser show in North America. There is so much to do in Salt Lake City, that it is hard to pick your favorite place to eat and drink.

First off, you need to check out the restaurants that are in the heart of downtown. There are The Rocket Restaurant, The Lodge at Valley View Casino and the Majestic Hotel. At The Rocket we recommend The Lodge at Valley View Casino, which serves fabulous food, drinks and fun games like slot machines. The Rocket also has an indoor pool and multiple bars for people to enjoy. The Majestic Hotel and Casino has a bar, live entertainment and delicious foods from around the world.

Then we have The Majestic, which is a wonderful place for both food and drink. Their food is inspired by several countries including Italy, Spain, Greece, Korea and Japan. They have a fantastic wine selection that is made from local vineyards like Spyglass in Utah. The place also has a fantastic buffet, which features California, Japanese, Korean and Thai dishes. The drinks feature many imported European brands like Chianti and Pinot Noir.

For a taste of international cuisine, head to The Lazy Susans. This restaurant is located right in the heart of Salt Lake City. The Lazy Susans features some of the best Asian fusion food and wine that you will ever find in a restaurant. They serve only the freshest seafood and the best beef jowls.

If you are looking for a burger place, then you can't go wrong with Purple Steakhouse. This restaurant offers delicious burgers and other steaks. They offer special diets such as vegetarian and low calorie diet. They have an award winning chef that specializes in Mediterranean cooking that is why there are so many international dishes available.

Finally, we have Rock House Irish Pub and Dance Club. This restaurant is a great place for all ages. The atmosphere is cool and casual, but the music is great. Many of the restaurants in Salt Lake City have live music, so you can expect to hear some great music playing any time you want.

If you like your burgers, ribs, fish, and chips, then you would want to check out Delmonico's. This restaurant has fantastic customer service. Their menu has a lot of items to choose from so there will be something for everyone. Another great place to eat is called Bill's BBQ. This place has a variety of items on their menu that people love, like shrimp cocktail, tuna sandwich, and baby back ribs.

Of course, if you really want to enjoy your meal, you need to stop by at one of the bars in Salt Lake City. Some of the best bars in the area include Club Lime, Blue Moon, and draft beer bar. These are just a few of the many bars you will find in Salt Lake City. The best places to eat and drink in Salt Lake City are just a few miles away from this exciting area.

If you love live music, then you should go to Sapphire Lounge. This place has been known to play any type of music that you would like. Another great place to go for some live music is called The Wire. This bar has been known to play all types of music during the night. No matter what your preference, there are a few great places you will be able to enjoy when you are in Salt Lake City.

If you want to go out to a nice restaurant, then you should check out Delano's Italian Restaurant. This restaurant has been in business for over thirty years. They have won the Best Food and Wine Restaurant competition three times. The foods at this restaurant are top notch and you will not be disappointed when you try them. This restaurant is very popular and is always packed during the summer months.

As you can see, there are many great food and drink places you can enjoy while you are in Salt Lake City. The best places to eat and drink are right in your own neighborhood. Take the time to explore the various restaurants and bars in the Salt Lake area and you will never be disappointed.

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