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Best Places to Eat and Drink in Aurora

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There are many great restaurants, pubs, and bars in the city of Aurora Colorado. It is not uncommon to walk around a corner and be greeted with a delicious meal or a cold beer. This means that there is a great selection of restaurants for you to choose from. And because of the size of the city it is easy to see why so many people love to eat at these restaurants. The Best Places to Eat and Drink in Aurora Colorado are located in the heart of the city, downtown.

Nola's Southwestern Kitchen is one of the most popular restaurants in the city. The decor is modern and the food is mouthwatering. If you want to catch up with some history, you can find a museum inside the restaurant as well. In addition to their award-winning cuisine, this restaurant is also great for finding some of your favorite comfort foods from home. With their seasonal specials, you are sure to find a great sale on things such as breads, meats, fish, and much more.

Located right next door to Nola's, you will find Tivoli's Italian Kitchen. You will immediately notice the quality of this restaurant. Everything is prepared by real Italian cooks, and you can tell that the chef was born in Italy. What's great about this restaurant is that they also serve foods from all over Italy, such as pizza and pasta.

While Tivoli's Italian Kitchen may be one of the best places to eat and drink in Aurora, it is far from the only restaurant in town. If you are looking for good food at an affordable price, you should check out Loews Boston Market. They have great food, and their prices are even better. Because they are located right in the heart of the city, they have a huge selection of things to get while you are there.

If you love beer, then you will love the beer bar inside of Old Town. The bar offers 20 different kinds of beers on tap, which means you can always find a great beer to enjoy with your dinner. They also offer a variety of wine to match the different types of food that they offer, along with a wide selection of mixed drinks. In addition to the great food and drinks, you can also find some local Denver nightclubs right in this neighborhood. Many of the clubs feature some of the best dance bands in the world, along with top DJs.

West Denver's premier bar and restaurant are Club Congress. This is the perfect spot for a night out with friends or a couple of friends. If you want to go out to a nice dinner, or if you just want to sit and relax, then you will not be disappointed by Club Congress. There are tons of different dishes to choose from, and you are sure to find at least one song that you will hear loud and clear.

There is nothing better than enjoying yourself with some great drinks and food in a beautiful setting. West Denver is home to Club 7th Street, a great spot for a quiet evening. Just make sure you don't spend too much time dancing as you are sure to find some great West Denver nightlife.

Some of the best places to eat and drink in Aurora have been talked about before. These spots definitely deserve some additional attention. As they mentioned before, West Denver is home to some of the best bars and restaurants in all of Denver. Whether you are looking for some late night food or a couple nights of dancing, you won't be disappointed. Just remember to keep an open mind when you are looking for the best places.

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