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Top Tips for Visiting Salinas in Summer 2021

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Salinas is a small sophisticated city located a few miles away from Monterey Bay on California’s coast. With agriculture being their way of life for several years now, there are several things to do and see that make it flexible.

If you love food, you can take advantage of their local organic produce and as a sports fanatic, you can catch a race at Laguna Seca. Fondly known as the Salad Bowl of the world, it offers cattle drives, wine tasting, museum tours, and rock climbing among others. Here is a guide to help you if you are visiting this place for the first time.

Take Advantage of Salina’s Farmers Market

As one of the most fertile places in California, Salina Valley is popularly known as the Salad Bowl of the World. Their main food products include vines, peppers, strawberries, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and celery.

It’s, therefore, no surprise that Farmer's Market street is a big institution on Saturdays. By visiting the market you’ll get the freshest ingredients for your meals during the week. Running all year round, you can visit it every Saturday for your shopping needs.

Visit Harvey-Baker House

Belonging to a wealthy merchant Isaac Julian Harvey, this unique house was built with timber taken from redwood forests. During his time as the Mayor, he did everything he could to improve the image of Salinas. Among the things he did is negotiating for the railroad to pass through the city and moving the county seat from Monterey.

Visit the Star Market

One reason you’ll love the Star market is that it concentrates on the local products. If you can’t reach the Farmers Market, the next best option is the Star Market. Unlike the Farmers market, this is a shop run and managed by the locals. As one of the most favorite places to shop you are likely to bump into several locals.

Go To River Road Wine Trail

Meant to handpick the local wineries, the River Road Wine Trail starts at Salinas and continues to the Southeast part of the city. As a picturesque and convenient introduction to the countryside, you can make regular stops to the vineyards for tastings. You can also come with a picnic and admire a far-reaching view over the vineyards and out of the Mountains capes.

Enjoy the First Friday Arts Walk

Every first Friday of the month all Salinas residents come together to celebrate its lively art culture. With the event starting at 5 A.M up to forty venues open their doors for live music, free art viewing, dancing, food sampling, poetry recitals, and book signings.

The most amazing thing is that apart from the museums and galleries, shops, restaurants, and cafes also participate. All the venues involved in this event will hang balloons on the front doors.

Go To Monterey

Located a few minutes away from Salinas, Monterey is perhaps one of the best places to visit during the day. Once the Capital of California State, it’s full of lovely old buildings. If you are interested in the oceans or have children with you, Monterey Aquarium will provide you with the ecological diversity of the waters.

You only need to walk to the oceanfront to enjoy watching large numbers of seals, sea otters, and sea lions.

Visit the Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park was set aside as National Monument in 1908 and is currently the newest National Park after being signed to that effect in 2013. It offers several activities including bird watching, 30 miles of hiking trails, camping, bird watching, rock climbing, and cave exploring.

Covering an area of about 26,000 acres it provides a home to several plants and animals. If you are lucky you might even see the endangered Condor lying above the park.

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