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Fun Things to Do in Hialeah, Florida, in 2021

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Enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Hialeah, Florida, this 2021. With all the city's gorgeous sights and sceneries, this trip is sure to be one for the books!

Hialeah Background

Situated in Miami-Dade County in Florida, Hialeah is the sixth-largest city in Florida, with a population of 230,135 as of 2021. Its land area is at 21.58 square miles of land and 1.24 square miles of water. The city's name is most usually credited to Muskogee cause "Haiyakpo" (grassland) and "hili" (pretty) joining in "Hialeah" to signify "pretty prairie". The Seminole translation of its name, "High Prairie", brings out an image of the verdant fields utilized by the local Indians coming from the everglades to dock their kayaks and show their products for the newbies of Miami. This "high grassland" grabbed the attention of pioneer pilot Glenn Curtiss and Missouri cattleman James H. Brilliant in 1921. Together they built the city, and it has been growing since then.

Hialeah's economy is a bright one, primarily made up of a combination of mom-and-pop or family-owned businesses and big retail names such as Starbucks and McDonalds. Retail and restaurant chains have great power in Hialeah's economy, so if you happen to come around in the area, you won't find yourself having a shortage of places to dine and shop in.

Hialeah Destinations

Since Hialeah is a blossoming city with plenty of things to do, it is natural to find something interesting in every corner. Visit the Historic Hampton House, Curtiss Mansion, and Garden of the Arts to tweak your interests in art and culture. Those looking for a more nature-inclined trip can rest and have fun at some of Hialeah's best parks. Parks include Tobie Wilson Park, Gwen Cherry Park, and Northwest 27th Park. Families can enjoy the waters and soak up the sun in water parks such as McDonald Water Park and Bucky Dent Water Park.

Hialeah Attractions

If you're looking for more tourist destinations to visit other than the museums and parks mentioned above, check out these Hialeah destinations.

Leah Arts District

The region is known for its stunning bright paintings painted by neighborhood craftsmen. The area is starting to have expressions and social occasions that advance fine art from Hialeah and the more extensive district.

AmerTec Building

This former woodworking shop is a work of art, with its fantastic architecture and unique design. The exterior is so well-crafted; people think it's an Anton Gaudi masterpiece!

Garden of the Arts

Hialeah's art scene is genuinely blooming, and this is where you get both the art and the blooms! The Garden of the Arts is one of the best stops in Hialeah. The recreation center resembles a cross between an artistry exhibition and a gallery, and the greenery is accentuated by paintings, figures, and craftsmanship establishments.

Amelia Earhart Mountain Bike Trails

Situated in the Amelia Earhart Park is the Amelia Earhart Mountain Bike Trails. Biking enthusiasts can take particular routes for their corresponding levels on trails surrounded by lush forests and gorgeous.

Hialeah Dining and Shopping

As mentioned in history, Hialeah has plenty of restaurant chains and shop outlets, ranging from big names to mom and pops. Among the must-try restaurants in Hialeah include Epicentro Cafe, which is famous for its Cuban cuisine and is family-owned. Try Stephen's Restaurant that serves New York-style cuisine—looking for good burgers? Try Elevation Burgers that serves organic beef burgers.

If you're in the mood for shopping, Flamingo Plaza is the number one palace in Hialeah you must visit. This plaza has everything you need to shop. You can also visit Westland Mall that houses dining areas, as well. Of course, popular shops such as JC Penney, Target, and Macy's are in the site if you opt for a more familiar shopping experience.

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