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Best Places to Eat and Drink in Bellevue, Washington

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There are a multitude of amazing restaurants in Bellevue. Bellevue is the cultural, entertainment and tourist center of Washington State. There are many wonderful and fine restaurants to enjoy in this wonderful city. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants and bars in Bellevue, Washington.

Iron Horse Tavern & Grill

This restaurant has been a local favorite since it opened in 1976. They offer traditional sit down restaurant food that is out of this world. Their burgers are outstanding and have been featured in many national magazines including Men's Weekly. The bartenders will melt your face in tantalizing sauces.

The Brasserie Restaurant

This bar is known for its finger food and fabulous wine list. You will be treated to a five-course meal that is sure to please. The Brasserie is best known for its Belgian specialty called Gouda. This amazing Belgian ale is made from yeast and not sugar or alcohol. There are also a couple beers on tap that are made in the same house as the Belgian ales.

Dog House Saloon

This bar offers great live music and great prices. There is usually a special happy hour that includes pitchers of wines and appetizers. There is even an open bar that is available for your convenience. The bar area is very laid back and does not have a lot of decorations. The dog house itself may be smaller than most other places but it is perfect for two or three people to sit and enjoy a lovely evening.

Le Mas des Olivers

This restaurant has many wonderful dishes that are made with fresh vegetables. There are a fantastic wine selection and special beer selections. Their chef often brings fresh local ingredients to the restaurant and they do a great job of executing them. The bar area has several tables to sit at and there are many live music performances happening around town as well as at the restaurant.

Backstage Bar & Grill

This bar has two floors and is in the back area of the building. It is a great place to enjoy some food and a cold beer before heading home. There are several live bands nightly and you can enjoy live music all night long. Many of the guests that frequent this bar are returning customers and it has just enough atmosphere to not feel like a bar but more like a club.

La Trattoria Restaurant

This restaurant has Italian food which is delicious. It has a bar area where you can sit and enjoy your meal and their offers a wide variety of appetizers, pasta dishes and other food items. There is a kid's menu that may be a plus when stopping here for a night out with the family. There is another bar area which serves alcohol and there is a huge amount of parking available for the customers who do come here.

Nirvana Restaurant

This restaurant is located at the backdoor of the Nirvana fast food restaurant and it is the place to go if you want to have some really good burgers and shakes. You will also find a top of the line generator which can be fun to drink from. Be sure to stop by Nirvana to try this place out and enjoy the food and drink while you are in the area.

Broken Plate Restaurant

If you love seafood then this is going to be a favorite restaurant for you. It is located on Fremont Street between Olive and Pine streets. There is an outside dining area where you can go and enjoy a meal with your friends and family while they watch the local television news. There is a very casual atmosphere, which makes it easy to get a quick bite to eat. The bar area has several comfortable chairs and stools so you can order another drink and relax. There are several outdoor tables available for your private gathering as well.

Diamond Bar

This restaurant has four different rooms which are all filled with entertaining memorabilia and interesting articles about sports and music. They feature an open fire brick patio for great conversations with friends or family. The interior of the bar is bright and has a very friendly ambiance. There is only one floor that has a seating area so make sure to come here for a special occasion or a date!

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