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The Most Amazing Things to do in Oxnard, California in 2021

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Are you tired of being at home with your routine day? Plan your trip to Oxnard, California! This magnificent city has many enticing reasons for you! 

Oxnard History

The Oxnard brothers were among the founders of Oxnard, and the Ventura County Board of Supervisors officially named the city as such in 1903. With the steady increase of its population, the town became the county seat of Ventura County, home to over 210,000 people. Now, Oxnard is one of the best-known tourist destinations throughout California. 

Oxnard Attractions

The lively beach town of Oxnard on California’s Central Coast is near Ventura is a beautiful weekend destination near the West Coast. The city is vibrant here, with excellent beaches, a well-preserved historic downtown, and the Channel Islands National Park just down the street. Here are some attractions in Oxnard, California, that you can enjoy. 

Mandalay State Beach

Mandalay Beach is reminiscent of the former appearance of all California beaches hundreds of years ago. This remote natural beach in Oxnard near West 5th Street is a wild, romantic destination for tourists. Despite being situated next to Mandalay County Park, a preserve for California’s dunes, plants, wildlife, and adjacent wetlands, it is in its wild state without facilities. 

Oxnard State Beach and Park

Oxnard Beach is one of the most beautiful and charming white sand beaches in the world. Wildflowers are gorgeous when they are blooming all around the dunes. There are many tall palm trees in this area, giving it the quintessential Californian appearance. Besides having many picnic tables, barbecues, and paved pathways, the beach is part of the Oxnard State Park.

Channel Islands Harbor

Channel Islands Harbor is not only the gateway to the scenic Channel Islands, but it is also one of the most fun ports of call in the world. It boasts picnic sites, swimming pools, and a network of bike and hiking paths in this 50-year-old working harbor. It has several attractive exhibitions, and you can choose between several restaurants at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum.

Oxnard Entertainment

The Oxford Performing Arts Center is a multipurpose auditorium that hosts various events, from trade shows to business meetings to seminars. Besides an ample stage space, the center also offers eight meeting rooms, with a capacity to accommodate 4,000 spectators. Aside from corporate events, the center is ideal for wedding receptions, parties, banquets, and other social events – its beautiful patios are for social events, wedding receptions, or business meetings.

Oxnard Lodging

A four-diamond luxury beach resort located in southern California, the Embassy Suites in Oxnard offers everything. The four-diamond resort situated on the beautiful Mandalay Beach provides the perfect location to relax and enjoy the beach. A short drive away is the Embassy Suites Oxnard. Located between the two largest cities in Southern California, Oxnard lies between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

Oxnard Dining

Almost everyone who loves burgers knows how difficult it is to find a great burger and how addicting they can be once you have tried them. If you have never tried Hook Burger, it’s most likely something you’re going to love. There is a great deal of attention to this modern restaurant’s environment. It features hardwood floors and ceilings made from recycled wood, recyclable packaging materials, exposed beams, and metal food baskets.

Oxnard Shopping

A leading footwear and apparel retailer, WSS operates in inner-city stores doing business in the local neighborhoods throughout the U.S. Among the wide range of athletic footwear and footwear brands at WSS, there are the best brands and the most extensive selection for everyone. Further, WSS carries high-quality private brands that complement our comprehensive selection by giving our customers incredible value.

Indeed, Oxnard, California, is one of the must-visit cities in 2021! Don’t just sit there! Book your tickets now!

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