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Best Sightseeing in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2021

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Sightseeing in Charlotte North Carolina can be a great experience for tourists and visitors. Charlotte is a popular commercial hub and large city in North Carolina. Its metropolitan city center (Upton) is home to the famous Levinson Museum of the New South. The museum complex houses the world's largest collection of civil war artifacts and history memorabilia.

Another attraction in Uptown is the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Here you can learn all about the history of the sport, including the induction of its first two drivers in history. It also features an exhibition featuring the most popular races of this season. The Discovery Place is a contemporary art gallery that exhibits contemporary art forms and media designed artwork. Here you will find the best things to do and places to visit.

The Aquarium at the Discovery Place is another great place to visit. It offers a range of marine wildlife and displays including sharks and rays. Located on Olney River Road, it is four blocks from the light rail. The Aquarium also features an interactive aquarium exhibit. There are also boat tours available.

As you travel through Charlotte, you will want to stop at the Science Museum of Virginia, where you can learn more about the universe and the wonders of space. In fall, the museum hosts "Sciences: Get Out to See the World" exhibit, offering a chance to visit planets in our solar system and learn about their makeup. Nearby is the UVA Medical Center, a remarkable setting for people coming out of dental treatment. Here you will find world class dentistry, veterinary services, and intensive rehabilitation centers. It is the best medical facility in the Carolinas.

As you travel through Charlotte, you can also include stops in Charlotte's uptown area. Here you will find some of the best night clubs, as well as shops that specialize in ethnic cuisine. You can also visit some of the city's most prominent historical sites. Two of the best include the formeryles of Queen Charlotte, and the present-day site of what was once Knowles Village. Traveling with a group of friends, it is the perfect way to include sightseeing in Charlotte North Carolina into your itinerary.

The Aquarium is the perfect place for kids, offering educational programs and hands-on water activities. Additionally, the zoo offers special programs that include feeding the animals. If you love nature and want to see the entire range of greenery within easy walking distance, then the Woodfield Zoo is the right destination. You can also spend time at the Charlotte Zoo.

When traveling with your family, sightseeing in Charlotte is also an excellent option. It is the perfect way to get some quality time together. Additionally, you will be able to find affordable fares for the entire family. As you travel through Charlotte, you will also encounter some of its cultural attractions such as the ballet, the opera house, the museum, and the Duke's Chapel. There are plenty of great family entertainment options, such as museums, shows, and family plays.

Sightseeing in Charlotte is one of the best ways to ensure that your trip is an uneventful and unforgettable experience. When planning to include this activity on your itinerary, make sure that you have a guide that knows the best places to go and the best times to come. There are numerous sightseeing options, but there is no doubt that the Aquarium and the Zoo are two of the most popular ones. If you want to see more, you can also explore the other famous tourist attractions in Charlotte, such as the Four Seasons Hotel, the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Gardens on East Boulevard.

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