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Best Experiences in Springfield, Massachusetts in 2021

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Springfield is a city in Western Massachusetts that sits on the Eastern bank of the Connecticut River. It was founded in 1636 and was designated as the site of the Springfield Armoury by George Washington during the American Revolution. Springfield is commonly referred to as the "City of Firsts" due to the various innovations that have taken place there. For example, the first American dictionary was developed in Springfield, as was the first American gas-powered vehicle. You can also thank the city of Springfield for the invention of basketball, which is still a significant part of the city's culture today. Educated, progressive, and well-endowed with parkland and attractions, Springfield, Massachusetts, is sure to impress you during your visit. 

Visit the Basketball Hall of Fame

Springfield is the site of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, which endeavors to catalog and celebrate the achievements of basketball. In 1891, confronted with the long, cold winters of New England, P.E teacher James Naismith kept his students inside. He was ordered to create an activity for the students to do inside and, within 14 days, came up with basketball.

This museum is great for basketball lovers of all ages and experience levels. You are able to reflect on the careers of the 300 inductees into the Basketball Hall of Fame through memorabilia. Also, the museum is filled with mini-games, shows, shooting challenges, and exhibitions. 

Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden

Another thing that Springfield, Massachusetts, can claim is the birth of renowned illustrator and author Dr. Seuss in 1904. The Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden encompasses five bronze sculptures that were designed by Dr. Seuss's stepdaughter. These sculptures are placed in different locations around the Quadrangle - a common name for a section of the city where a cluster of museums is located. A statue of the Lorax is positioned outside of the Science Museum, and the highlight of the exhibit is the Cat in the Hat posing with Dr. Seuss pensively reflecting with his foot on the desk. 

Experience the Museums 

Springfield is a city full of museums and is full of educated people. The Springfield Science Museum was founded in 1859, was officially opened in 1899, and is an imposing neoclassical building. The museum was expanded in the 1930s to feature an art-deco style wing and in the 1970s with a more modern designed public observatory. This museum is worth a visit, with the planetarium, dinosaur hall, and live animal center being particularly interesting to younger kids. The museum also has a school (which regularly runs classes), a gift store, and a cafe. 

A visit to Springfield would be incomplete without venturing into the Springfield Armory National Historic Site. This armory has a significant place in U.S history, as it manufactured firearms for the nation's military for two centuries. During the American Revolution, this armory played a substantial role as George Washington's main arsenal. Visit this historical location to learn about weaponry of the time and how it has evolved through time.

Springfield's Club Quarter

The Club Quarter is the beating heart of Springfield's nightlife for more than a century. There are over 80 bars, restaurants, clubs, and cafes in this one small area. As a result, the Club Quarter is often listed among the United States' best locations for singles to venture out. The Club Quarter has also been embracing the LGBT+ movement for the past 15 years, and there are now more than five gay bars/clubs and regular events for LGBT+ people.

Visit Boston, Massachusetts 

Boston, the state capital of Massachusetts, is close enough to Springfield to make a trip there for the day. Visit Boston Harbour to see the site of the Boston Tea Party, or decide to go to the north end of boston to see the cobblestone streets, old style buildings and perhaps even get some tasty Italian food. If you're into baseball, visit Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox. Whatever you decide to do in this diverse city, it will impress you.

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