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Best Experiences in New Haven, Connecticut in 2021

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New Haven History and Uniqueness

If you look at a map of New Haven, you'll notice a four-by-four grid at its heart, which dates back to 1638, when it was the first planned city in America. Since 1701, New Haven's history has been intertwined with that of Yale University, whose Gothic Revival campus is scattered throughout the city. New Haven, as a university town, has a certain dynamism on its walkable streets, as well as culture and great places to eat and go out. Crown Street and Temple Street have everything from photo sushi and Cubans, and many museums provide a cerebral feast.

New Haven Tourist’s Attractions

“East Rock Park” is a rugged diabase ridge formed 200 million years ago, stretching for 1.4 miles and reaching a maximum height of 112 meters, stands at the northern end of the city. East Rock's sedimentary stone has gradually worn away, revealing igneous bluffs with a reddish tint from iron content. The ridge can be visited at the 427-acre East Rock Park, which is surrounded by landscaped parkland and includes wetland areas, a birding area, sports fields, and a canoe launch. The next visiting place on this list is the “Yale University”. If ranked by higher learning standards, it is the 3rd oldest institution in the United States. Yale University was founded in 1701 and has produced 61 Nobel Laureates, five United States Presidents, and 19 United States Supreme Court Justices. When touring the campus, you'll notice that, except for a few eye-catching examples of modern architecture, the various schools and libraries are designed in a stately Collegiate Gothic style. Check out the regal mansions on Hillhouse Avenue as well as the 66-meter Harkness Tower, which is part of the Memorial Quadrangle and towers over High Street. The Yale University Visitor Center, located at 149 Elm Street, is housed in John Pierpoint House, New Haven's oldest private residence. The next on this list is “The Yale University Art Gallery”. It spans four floors and covers all epochs and cultures, with a focus on French Impressionism, late-nineteenth-century American Realism, African Sculpture, early Italian Painting, and Modern Art. The gallery's joy is its wild diversity, as you leap from Greek Archaic period urns from the 6th-century BCE to Van Gogh's The Night Café, or from a 17th-century Chinese Landscape Scroll to Early Classic Period Mayan carvings via late Medieval Italian ecclesiastical paintings and works by Flemish masters.

New Haven Restaurants

New Haven has many exciting and mouth watering options for the foodies to select from. We've put together a list of the best restaurants in town. First of them is “Roia”, named after the Italian-French river, which offers a blended experience of French and Italian cuisine. This menu includes many delicious dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients and is best produced by local farmers and fishermen. The interior of this restaurant is an art installation in itself. The second restaurant on this list is “L'Orcio''. Menus changed over the years but guests should expect dishes from Mediterranea seafood with fresh artichoke hearts, cherry, and creams. In the lovely wisteria courtyard of L'Orcio dining can be enjoyed under the stars during the warmest nights. The third edition in this list is “The Coffee Library Atticus''. For more than 30 years this café has been serving its residents as a bookstore and café. You can spend the night along the Atticus aisles looking for a fantastic read, just a few steps from the restaurant. It serves soups, lettuces, and hearty sandwiches, like grilled pork, roast pears, and jalapeno mayo, and bigger plates including tabbouleh roasted salmon and red parmesan pepper sauce. The library also hosts exhibitions of art by local artists, adding to the experience.

New Haven Weather

The highest average temperature in New Haven is 27°C in July, and the lowest is 2°C in January. The water temperature ranges between 5°C and 25°C. The weather and climate in New Haven are ideal for a fun vacation. New Haven's average climate rating is 6.8. This is based on a variety of factors, including average temperatures, the likelihood of precipitation, and other people's weather experiences.

The best time to visit New Haven, Connecticut, is between May 7th and July 15th based on the humidity and average temperature of the city. April, July, and June are the busiest months for visitors with high travel and hotel fares. November is considered a less crowded month. So, you can visit then if you want lower rates.

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