Things to Do in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2021

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Are you journeying to San Juan, Puerto Rico, this 2021? Familiarize yourself with the essential information and tourist spots first to make your San Juan journey the trip of a lifetime.

The capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan has 323,279 people as of 2021, and is the 46th largest city under U.S. jurisdiction. Spanish colonists founded Puerto Rico in 1521, and its Spanish name was from the phrase "Rich Port City" and is one of the oldest European established cities. San Juan has a land area of 47.9 square miles and a water area of 29.1 square miles. Its original settlers are known as the Caparra people, named by Juan Ponce de Leon.

San Juan's gorgeous climate and topography made it an ideal tourist destination, which then caused an eruption in the city's tourism sector. San Juan's rich history is evident and commemorated through its museums, monuments, and forts, all of which tell stories of San Juan's illustrious past. When traveling to San Juan in 2021, keep track of the city's climate. Typically, Puerto Rico experience tropical climates with tendencies towards humidity in lower areas.

You could now be wondering what places are the best to visit in San Juan, Puerto Rico, this 2021. With all the historical, cultural, and scenic places San Juan has to offer, your list won't be that short. Visit the Casa Del Morro, a museum and formerly the house of Juan Ponce de Leon. Not only is the interior and architecture gorgeous, even the scenic view of lush greeneries is a sight worth seeing. Go on a jungle adventure at El Yunque forest, where a forest reserve is located. Don't miss out on the Bio Bay, a bioluminescent bay in San Juan where organisms glow when the night comes. This rare sighting is a feast for the eyes!

Going on trips and tours to San Juan's most famous historical sights is a fun activity, but you can enhance your San Juan experience by trying out the vibrant nightlife the country has to offer. La Respuesta is a popular nightclub that serves cocktails and throws parties and shows for dancing. Club Kronos and District San Juan are popular places to put on your dancing shoes and get your groove on. For a more family-friendly trip, visit the Villa Kampestre or Kool to Play Kids Park.

Lodging and accommodation are often the travelers' worries, especially when going to a country they aren't familiar with. Luckily, San Juan has plenty of options you can choose from should you visit this 2021. La Concha Renaissance Hotel offers an old-school design with modern amenities. The Caribe Hilton has all you could want in a hotel, from restaurants to bars to swimming pools and spas. Have some casino fun at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel and Casino and lounge at the Condado Ocean Club, a beachfront hotel overlooking the gorgeous waters.

Before you start looking for restaurants to dine at in San Juan, Puerto Rico, familiarize yourself first with the country's notable dishes. Popular ones include mofongo, which is a mashed plantain and pork dish. Tripletea is a Puerto Rican sandwich stuffed with chicken, ham, and beef. Quesitos are pastries stuffed with delectable cheese, and alcapurrias are fried fritters stuffed with shrimp or crab. All these and other Puerto Rican traditional favorites are available at some of the best local restaurants, such as Café Manolin, Barrachina, and Casita Marimar.

Shopping centers aren't uncommon in San Juan and if you're looking to buy some souvenirs or mementos, then check out the famous shopping malls in the area. San Juan's Mall is an indoor mall with shops and eateries, quite similar to Plaza Las Americas. Sancture POP is a shop that sells artisan goods, while Souvenir Outlet Puerto Rico provides all kinds of gifts that are perfect for bringing home to family and friends or just as a bit of remembrance.

Travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico, this 2021 and experience a once-in-a-lifetime kind of adventure. From its natural sceneries to its rich historical landmarks, this place is guaranteed to be memorable.

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