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Cary, North Carolina, is truly a gem in the oasis that is the United States' southeastern region. If you are planning on visiting this beautiful location, you will not be disappointed. You will, however, be blown away by the enchanting combination of nature and the artsy influence of the city. While holidaying in this fantastic town, you will never be a long distance from woodland, a hiking trail, or a lake perfect for a boating adventure. 

Parks, Natural Features, and Outdoor Activities

You may notice that Cary is a desirable place to live; if you question why that may be, look no further than the Fred G. Bond Metro Park. It is the perfect space for activity, relaxation, or any other need you may have in the ideal location - right in the middle of the city! There is a lake in the center of this beautiful park, Bond Lake, providing the perfect scenery for a picnic. If a leisurely stroll is more your speed, look no further than the four miles of greenery-laden paths Fred G. Bond Metro Park has to offer. Ever the child-friendly location, a play area known as Lazy Daze playground is located inside this parkland. Cary has an abundance of parks, and there is a stunning park called Apex Community Park. It is also within walking distance of a lake, Lake Pine, which has its own launching ramp for kayaks and small boats next to the fishing pier.

Cary is known for its natural landscapes; the city itself is abundant in natural resources and woodland. No location showcases this better than Hemlock Bluffs Nature Reserve. The forest is thick and drowns out the city's slight noise leaving you in a quiet paradise. It features easy-to-follow trails, which are maintained as not to become over-encumbered with fallen debris and remnants of history in the form of windmill wreckages from when the area was simply farmland. If you would like an education-filled experience, head up to Steven's Nature Centre for exhibits on the wildlife found in the area. 

Entertainment and Arts

Cary is not only a nature-filled oasis; it also happens to be a culturally significant location. The Cary Arts Centre is a must-not-miss spot as it has helped this city create its unique atmosphere. It encompasses 48,000 square feet, including a 393 seat theatre for ballets and theatrical performances, as well as rehearsal spaces, galleries, and studios for various artforms such as painting and sculptures. This city is appreciative and passionate about its creative arts scene, and you will surely embrace this beautiful part of the city.

If the Arts center doesn't give you the impression of a creative and tight-knit community, the beautiful Koka Booth Amphitheatre surely will. This gorgeous community masterpiece is situated outdoors in Regency Park and regularly has a solid live music lineup. One night you may hear some classic music; the next, it may be jazz or the North Carolina symphony. The amphitheater is regularly the host of the Movies by Midnight program, a perfect community movie-watching experience for all family members.


Impeccable experiences that can be found within Cary include venturing out to Chatham Hill, which is Cary's premier winery. They offer regular tasting sessions for wine enthusiasts and beginners alike, and there is seating for those who wish to sip and savor the wine. 

Sri Venkateswara is a temple built in 2009 for the purpose of inclusivity for the thousands of Hindu minorities in the area. The architect spent years researching in India simply to make this temple the most majestic it could be. If you are interested in South Asian culture, this temple is a must-see, and it even produces a monthly magazine.

Be sure to visit the Cary Theatre, the Page-Walker Arts and History Center, and the nearby major city of Raleigh to get the full Cary experience while you are exploring this one-of-a-kind location.

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