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Things to Do in Pasadena in 2021

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There are many great cities in the US and one of them is Pasadena. If you are planning on going to Pasadena in 2021 this article will find you well.

Best Restaurants in Pasadena

The best restaurants in Pasadena include: Tavern on the Hill, El Arroyo, La Enoteca, Café Hermosa, Bouchon, Casita Maria, Baijiu, Madrona Manor, Bistro Jeanty, Lyra, Picasso’s, Flour and Bar and The Lucky Strike Lanes bowling alley, among others.

Best Hotels in Pasadena

Two of the best hotels in Pasadena are: Hotel Constance and Hotel Altadena. These hotels make it easy for tourists and for locals to find a great place to stay while visiting Pasadena. Hotel Constance is an ideal place to stay for business visitors or families and Hotel Altadena is a luxury hotel.

Best Bars in Pasadena

First of all we need to know the best bars in Pasadena. If you ask your friend about bars in Pasadena or your sister you'll hear a lot about Whisky A Go Go and On the Rox but the real bars in Pasadena are hidden from other people. These bars have a nice atmosphere and offer a nice experience of a night out in Pasadena. Here's our top two bars in Pasadena.

Picayune When: You see the bar you'll think of your big night out but then you'll see the world champion tattoo artist and the Michelin-starred chef behind the counter.

Petite Bare: If you like chain restaurants and you like Tattoo shops then you might like Petite Bare.

Best Shopping in Pasadena

If you are going to visit Pasadena you might be thinking that shopping is not one of the top priorities. However, there are many places to do so. The Main Street shopping mall in Pasadena is quite lively. The mall is basically designed to look like an old west town. The shops are arranged in the traditional style and it has a lot of old buildings to see as well. The entire mall is filled with old buildings that look vintage. You can buy unique pieces for your home while you are visiting the place. If you want to go to the clothing stores, you can visit Pasadena Fashion Square. You can shop there till you drop. It is the largest shopping mall in the area. Pasadena is also home to The Pasadena Tournament of Roses, which is a huge outdoor Rose Bowl parade.

Best Festivals in Pasadena

Pasadena is the home of Rose Parade which is always celebrated at the beginning of the year. Pasadena is also the place where Michael Jackson and Cher attended a party. Pasadena is also famous for the Pasadena Rose Bowl, which has always been a crucial and lucky event for the city. For all people in Pasadena, it's a festival where friends and relatives meet each other and all the happy moments are involved. However, there are many other great festivals to be found in Pasadena.

Best Sports to Watch in Pasadena

Pasadena is one of the best places to live in the country. From sports to museums to music to all the great things to do in town. But in 2021 the city will be getting a new sports stadium. According to this article in the LA Times the new stadium will be opening in 2021.

Best Places to Visit in Pasadena

Catch a little bit of sunshine and prepare yourself for a day full of exercise while hiking. Take a day trip out into the country and explore some trails. Wander into Pasadena proper and visit Paseo Colorado or Santa Anita Park, which are two beautiful places full of fun for the whole family.

Best Places to Stay in Pasadena

Pasadena's great location gives you the option to choose the ideal place to stay when you arrive in the city. If you would like to stay on a budget then you should stay at the Luxury Oaks Inn.

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