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Things To Do In Syracuse, NY in 2021

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Syracuse is an amazing city in the US. There are many different things that you can experience there, once you made the decision to visit it.

Syracuse University

The Syracuse University was founded in 1794. It's a private research university located in Central New York. Students can choose from over 60 programs and majors. Museums Museums in Syracuse are a lot of fun to visit. They offer different exhibitions that will stay in your mind forever.

Fox Theatre

It was built back in 1927. It is one of the most iconic buildings in Syracuse and one of the tallest theatres in the world. The Fox Theatre is the second largest in the state after The Palace Theatre in Rochester.

Visit the National and Syracuse University Campus

It is really a cool place, that has a lot of knowledge and technical achievements. It is a mix of historical values and a modern time.

Other Interesting Ideas for Syracuse

A lot of people enjoy the “History On Parade” that displays various objects and people that shaped the city in the past. Even you can learn about some famous and popular artists that have created some famous pieces in the Syracuse. Also, you can admire the “Silver Artists' Square” and see a lot of old sculptures that it is filled with a lot of atmosphere and a lot of curiosity. The Syracuse University campus is an amazing place to explore. It has the largest and the most accessible park in the city, it also has a stunning campus, that has very interesting buildings and inviting places to enjoy.

Enjoy the sun in Syracuse

Syracuse is a great place for you to spend the holidays. If you like this city you will be able to enjoy sun and warm weather throughout the year. But most of the times you can experience great weather in Syracuse, especially in the summer time. The time of the year that I recommend you visit this amazing city is June, July and August. Why? You can go on vacation or even go on a weekend trip, before school starts. At this time of the year the weather is very beautiful and the best time to enjoy the day. I recommend you to visit Lake Ontario or Baughman Beach, you wil love it.

Museums in Syracuse

The Basilica of St. Joseph is one of the most notable attractions in Syracuse, NY. It is a 446-foot tall gothic cathedral that sits on Cathedral Square. It is surrounded by a stunning stained glass dome and is just a few miles from the university. If you are an architectural buff, then this place is for you. Syracuse's Museum of Science and Technology is an incredibly popular attraction. It offers a lot of interactive activities for kids and an interesting variety of galleries that feature local artifacts. If you are a real nerd, then it is the place to visit. The Empire State Plaza has a lot of history that can easily be explored. There are a lot of museums, gardens and even lakes. This place is definitely worth a visit.

Sport in Syracuse

One of the most popular ways to experience Syracuse is by attending a football match. There are plenty of sporting events being organized by the various football teams in Syracuse. For example, Syracuse University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. They are known for their athletic program, which is one of the best in the United States. The team is known as the Syracuse Orange. If you decide to go to the University of Syracuse, it's essential to purchase a student ticket and stay in one of the student rooms, if you are a student.

Parks in Syracuse

New York state has thousands of acres of parks that you can visit in 2019. Don’t worry, because some of them are even free. But there is a small mountain of what you can do in these outdoor areas. I already mentioned many places here, but I have to mention some more, if you want to experience this place. The Skypark is located in Syracuse. It is a beautiful, outdoor playground, with a special playground for children. Also, there are several beach resorts and a big hotel located in this area. There is a small lake inside the Skypark, where you can swim, if you are willing to pay an additional fee for access to this place. You will surely see turtles, crayfish and even a northern spider.

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