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Things to Do in Tucson: Amazing Things To Do In Tucson in 2021

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Tucson is a super amazing city that you have to visit in 2021. Why? Keep reading, and I show you what makes Tucson so special.

Tucson’s History

Founded in 1854, Tucson has a rich and rich history. The city is the oldest in the Southwest, and first took the name as a border outpost in 1854 (it’s the “other” Arizona city; Casa Grande is the first). Tucson grew rapidly as a railroad town, and became one of the fastest growing areas in the country. From 1907 to 1941, the Gila River flooded so often that the original railroad came to a halt. This led to the construction of the Tucson Dam, which transformed the area into a metropolis of waterways and irrigated fields. Now, Tucson is known for its many water-based tourist attractions (hello, Papago Park!).


When visitors to Tucson, Arizona, ask me about the best thing about the Southwest, the only thing I say is that Tucson has "the best history and most amazing views." (I also mention that I can't wait to tell visitors all about it.) And the most incredible views you'll find in Tucson are right here in the heart of the downtown, on the 16th Street Mall. As one resident of Tucson told me, "It is only a few blocks of the best panoramic views in the country." For those who love history, no visit to Tucson is complete without touring the Arizona State Capitol and Museum Complex, or getting lost in the rich and diverse history of the Old Pueblo. The AZ Capitol and Museum Complex For decades, the AZ Capitol has served as the seat of government in Arizona.

Outdoor Activities

In Tucson you can hike, bike, hike, bike, hike…oh and skateboard. Need I say more? I'm not even going to try. You know you want to try it all in 2021!

Tucson’s Best Breweries

Did you know that Tucson has more breweries per capita than any other city in the country? Why not check one out in 2021? Here are some great Tucson brewery lists. These are: Blue Palms Brewpub Humble Sea Brewery La Canela Mexican Tucson Ale Works Brewery Ommegang

Best Bars

Here are the best bars to grab a drink in Tucson in 2021. Most of them have already changed names or locations since then, and some of them have probably gotten a name change or two. Brain Bar (Old Tucson) Barcroft Bar (University of Arizona) Bunker Bar (University of Arizona) Coffee n Brag (Cityscape) Grand Coffee & Wine Lounge (Cityscape) Havana Bar (Copper Commons) Holy Shish Kabob (Copper Commons) Pintxos (Copper Commons) Royal Spanish (Fork Bar) Shoebox Bar (First Friday Food Truck Friday) Squeeze (Fork Bar) Tempe The Best Greeting Check out the incredible design of the front doors at North 30° Social (Tempe)

Tucson’s Best Places to Stay

Next on our list of the best things to do in Tucson, we’ll visit the great hotel options Tucson has to offer. Tucson Hotels We’ve got hotels! Tucson’s hotels boast incredible rates and lots of great amenities, as well as a unique downtown location.

Tucson’s Best Day Trips

There are so many amazing things to do in Tucson. Just about every single part of town has something to offer. And what makes it even better is that these tours, dining options and must-do activities only take an hour or so, so you can spend more time exploring Tucson.

So you see that Tucson is a great city for many different occasions like partying, enjoying a beautiful landscape or just relaxing with your family.

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