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2021 Guide to NYC for Travelers: Must-Visit Places

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New York is a great place to visit. There are so many things to do and see. No matter if you just walk to enjoy the city by walking or if you want to enter every building that sparks your interest - in this article you will find great advice on how to have a great time when visiting this city. You will find a list of the most impressive things this city has to offer in this article. Take some time to soak up all the inspiration necessary for your next trip to one of the most awesome cities in the world.

Sightseeing in Manhattan

One of the first places tourists will want to visit in New York City is the Empire State Building. The views from this location are absolutely incredible and one can spend a couple of hours looking down at all of the beautiful buildings, architecture and attractions that are within easy view. I highly recommend visiting the observation deck. Another iconic view you should not pass up is of One World Trade Center. There are always amazing photo opportunities at this location as well. Another top destination is the Statue of Liberty. This beautiful icon of American History and one of the main symbols of New York City, is a must-visit site. You can take a tour of the tower, or spend time admiring the outside of the statue.

What to do in Brooklyn

Dating: You can find everything dating here. The city is full of bars, restaurants, and clubs, so it's definitely the place for a date.

Beauty and fashion: You can find the stores and things that you want to purchase at the Fifth Avenue and Flatiron area. These are all the nicest and the most expensive shopping districts in the city, so that's a good one to hit up.

Restaurants: New York, especially Brooklyn, is a city that offers so many choices, so if you want to try something new, there is a pretty good chance that you can find it here.

Movie theaters: There are numerous theaters that offer great shows. Also, it's cool to see movies here because of the real locations in the city.

New York Subway

The subway is an amazing part of New York City that not everybody knows about. You have to visit all the stations in order to fully enjoy this great experience. The subway is clean and it has a lot of space. You can easily find a seat and you can take your time. You can also talk to other people and discover new places during your journey. Even though there are a lot of things to see and do in the city, you shouldn't forget about its subway. You can plan your trip and choose the right train. The subway is the best option to visit this wonderful city.

For Kids

The Children's Museum of New York. Kids will be delighted with the Muppets and interactive exhibits. You can pick up a map at the front desk for free admissions to all the museums in the city.

Skate Park In addition to the 24/7 ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center, you can visit the Skate Park at the Queensbridge Houses, near the Pit Stop of Survivor. This one is open until 7 PM. The skateboard track is in the middle of the skate park, so it is really ideal for beginners.

Staten Island

Start your trip at the ferry docks. You can take the ferry, then subway to the Staten Island Ferry. After a 40 minute ride you arrive in the borough of Staten Island. You can use the ferry terminal to get to and from New York City as long as you are in a vehicle, so have your car at the ready. The ferry is an easy way to get to Staten Island without going on a crazy street party. Once you arrive you can start the island tour by renting a bike. There are many roads to take around the island, so you'll want a nice quality bike. From West to East you can take a road called Forest Avenue, Terrace Road, Richmond Avenue, Richmond Terrace, Ann Street, and Railroad Avenue. Here you can find some really great restaurants.

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