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Things to Do in Detroit: What To Do, What To See, Where To Eat, What to See in 2021

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Detroit is a great city, rich in history, but also in terms of sports. I know that you will love many of the things that you are going to learn about it in this article.

The Motown Museum

The Motown Museum opened its doors in 2015. You will be impressed with the full look of it. There are six floors of exhibits and much more. The high point of the place is the studio. On the first floor, there is a soundstage in the shape of the G.I. Joe table. There are rooms that are covered with fabrics that visitors are welcome to touch. The place is very inspirational. You can learn much about the history of the Motown song and you can see some pictures of the legendary Motown artists.

The Detroit Institute of Arts

Yes, the Detroit Institute of Arts is a great place to visit and it will be a must for all future Detroiters. There is one thing that really attracts me to the DIA that is the amazing Detroit collection. The Native Americans, the Detroit's local artists and the foreign artists. It is really amazing how a lot of great artists and fans have made this an amazing art form. I just wish that I could be a part of the Great Circus Parade in Detroit.

Michigan Science Center

People often don’t know that Michigan has the most developed public higher education system in the nation. Michigan is also one of the leaders in the public K-12 system, with a 17% graduation rate, which is way higher than the national average of 16%. By the way, this is also why the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is a native son of Michigan.

Comerica Park

This park, which was originally named The Plant, is the home of the Detroit Tigers. It is also the very first ballpark that started the park tradition of having the scoreboard right above the field level, and has three different levels, making for a different experience for everyone attending. This stadium also has the world’s largest ball in the field. Many historical events have happened in this park, such as the announcement of the 2016 World Series winner, a player record of nine home runs in the first eight innings of a game, a players perfect game, and other memorabilia. There are five levels in the park. The upper level is a parking garage and a lot for the Park Grill. The lowest level is where fans can go to purchase beer, hot dogs, etc.

Hockey Hall of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame was founded in 1964. Since then, more than 6,000 former players have been inducted into the Hall of Fame and their contributions to the sport have changed it forever

The Hockey Hall of Fame is in the middle of "Heritage Way" just a block away from the Detroit Red Wings arena. If you walk by and look around, you will find exhibits on Detroit Red Wings history. There are also many great exhibits on the history of hockey and the history of the Montreal Canadiens. This is a great way to get into the hockey spirit. And since you'll be in hockey mood, you'll be sure to want to take in a Detroit Red Wings game. Some of the more interesting exhibits include the modern art of the Detroit Red Wings. It's a bit weird, because it's fine art, but it's in a hockey themed setting. The Art of Winning had the Red Wings involved in various sports from baseball to figure skating to curling.

The Detroit Zoo

Although this is the oldest zoos in North America, it is smaller than your average zoo. It’s still a lot of fun to see no matter if you are the alone or with kids. I would advise you to go on a trip to there to get a better understanding of our planet, take some pictures of rare species or simply use the day to calm down a little bit.

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