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Things to Do in Indianapolis in 2021

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Indianapolis is a great US city and there are so many things you could do there. Here is a list of things that are really worth it.

Indianapolis History

Not many US cities have a rich history. Indianapolis has a lot of important stuff. The Indiana State Capitol Built in 1902, it is the third state capitol of Indiana. It was designed by Eero Saarinen.

The Indiana State Museum: The museum has more than 3400 artifacts and over 15000 books and publications.

Indianapolis Colts

Are you ready for some football? Why not get tickets to a Colts game? They have a lot of their games broadcasted on national television. You’ll want to get a ticket to their home opener or any other game. You can get season tickets starting at $430 for up to 10 home games. That includes all in-seat food, drink, an assigned seat, and a seat for every home game.

Indianapolis Hoosiers Basketball

The Indiana University men’s basketball team won their first NCAA title a couple of years ago after defeating North Carolina 85-81 in the NCAA championship game. The Hoosiers have won four conference titles in the past couple of years.

Indianapolis Tours

You can easily book a tour of the monuments, museums, and sights of Indianapolis. What to Eat in Indianapolis: You are in Indianapolis, you do not have to eat the same food. There are so many different restaurants where you can eat. Here are some recommendations from around the city: The Biergarten A night out for a group of friends to enjoy a few drinks and enjoy some great food. Located in Downtown Indianapolis. Jimmy Jacks Located in Fountain Square, Jimmy Jacks offers great views of the city while you enjoy amazing food. Hyde Park Bistro in Indianapolis offers great options for both diners and dessert lovers.

Indianapolis Activities

Indy has lots of tourist attractions and there is a new sight being added every week. This is one of the great things about the city. You will find something new to do every day.

The Indianapolis Mini-Marathon. Some of the best runners in the world compete here. The race consists of a marathon, half marathon, and a 4 mile run.

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra: This awesome symphony provides a variety of shows and performances, plus, they offer free concerts throughout the year. They have an amazing orchestra and good music to go along with it.

Hoosier Soul Food: A good time to go out to this little restaurant that has all your favorite southern favorites. Definitely make sure to try their fried chicken. Museum of Art This museum is one of the best in the US.

Indianapolis Restaurants

The food scene in Indianapolis is out of this world. I'm talking top of the line food from some of the best chefs that you will find in the US. There are many gourmet restaurants you can choose from in Indy. The food scene there is huge and you can find the best places to eat around the area.

Indianapolis Nightlife

The nightlife in Indy is better than the daytime and there are many cool clubs, bars and coffee shops to choose from. Every place has different events that are going on during the weekend, and people of all types get dressed up and go there to have fun.

Indianapolis Parks

There are many parks and trails in Indy. Some of the best parks are Fern Dell Park, The White River State Park, Garfield Park Conservatory and Noblesville Marsh. They are great places to go and stay for the night and have an interesting and peaceful day. If you are looking for a place to go to in the afternoon and have fun, go to Crystal Lake Park or Cherry Hill Park.

Indianapolis Tramway

If you are an avid rider of a bike or a rider of a motorcycle and you really want to go to the trails on bike, Indy has a tramway that you can take. For a city that has so many people in it, the tram is a perfect place to ride your bike on. Lake Novi The Lake Novi has a very long bike path that can take you to many different places.

Indianapolis Museums

Indianapolis has some great museums, including a Planetarium, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Indianapolis Zoo, and the Indianapolis Zoo–World. If you visit the Children’s Museum, you get to climb all over a 20-ton African elephant. You can also spend a day at the Indianapolis Zoo, visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art, tour the Museum of the United States Air Force, or tour Monument Circle, the Circle of the Indiana War Heroes.

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