What Silicon Valley Employees Do When They're Not Working

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Do you want to know what your favorite Silicon Valley companies do when they're not working? Well, I figured I'd put it all together in one place so you can get a good idea of what your favorite tech companies do when they're not working. You'll see that the majority of employees at these companies enjoy hobbies and hobbies are a big part of life in Silicon Valley.

Facebook's Culture

Here's a video of Mark Zuckerberg delivering a speech about how he became interested in creating Facebook. Here's the video: It's not just Zuckerberg though, most of the engineers that work at Facebook, do, in fact, enjoy an active social life. Here's a YouTube video showing a drunk engineer staggering into an Uber vehicle: These stories, among others, provide insight into the reality of the culture at Facebook, and it's clearly one of a very happy and carefree work environment. Intel's Culture Here's another video featuring Intel engineer Amy Gorin's tale of a night in San Francisco. It's great to see a Silicon Valley worker in a suit and tie enjoying a night out. Here's another video that highlights Amy Gorin's personality and her love of life.

Twitter's Culture

You can check out @TwitterPersonals to see what types of women are interested in starting relationships with Silicon Valley tech workers. Apple Music Is Apple Music better than Spotify? Well, when you're only interested in music, of course it's going to be better. Hulu Are you a fan of Hulu's Real Housewives franchise? Well, you'll definitely be in the know when it comes to female employees at Hulu. Google Google has very few employees, and those few employees are dedicated to achieving goals on the moon. Facebook If you aren't using Facebook, you're missing out. LinkedIn You might be surprised to know how many employees work at LinkedIn. Spotify Spotify is on track to generate more money than Apple. Instagram What does a startup mean to Instagram's co-founders?

Apple's Culture

Okay, let's start with Apple because their culture seems to be the strongest among other companies in the Bay Area. Apple is notorious for being known as a company where employees enjoy themselves, and that's because it's been crafted into their culture. Ever since Steve Jobs stepped back as CEO in August of 2011 and CEO Tim Cook took over, the company has been busier than ever. The company is exploring several fields of research that has the potential to be revolutionary. For instance, Apple is working with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on an over-the-earth nanosatellite. They've also partnered with Darpa on an experimental super computer called Andromeda that is so powerful that it can rival the fastest super computers in the world.

Pinterest's Culture

Pinterest is a social network site designed to help people find inspiration for creative ideas, interesting stories, recipes, and more. Pinterest is interesting because for starters, it's owned by Google. Pinterest's staff consists of mostly engineers but it's not just engineers that work on this platform. The majority of Pinterest's employees participate in at least two hobbies. In fact, employees of Pinterest tend to be more active in hobbies and hobbies are a big part of life in Silicon Valley. Three of Pinterest's employees enjoy wine tasting (I'm a wine aficionado myself), one is an avid hunter and the other one loves playing the drums.

Airbnb's Culture

Airbnb is a company that employs 160,000 people, including the people who are working to help hosts find renters and guests to stay with them when they go on vacation. I've always loved the way Airbnb's employees talk about the company and what it's like to work there. I've heard them say that the culture at Airbnb is fun. People seem to genuinely enjoy working at Airbnb. It's cool to be part of this culture, this community. Airbnb shares some of the most interesting things about its culture on its career site. If you like the way Airbnb's culture is, you'll love Airbnb Ventures, where co-founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia share their favorite things about the company. Now, let's see the list.

Google's Culture

Each tech company that I've mentioned in this post had some of the best games I've seen for a business conference. I'm sure the games I have seen are far superior to what the tech companies are doing, but this is how the attendees felt after playing these games. Twitter Image source: Seeking Alpha Source: Seeking Alpha Slack Image source: Seeking Alpha Microsoft Image source: Seeking Alpha Google Image source: Seeking Alpha Nvidia Image source: Seeking Alpha Apple Image source: Seeking Alpha What do you think? Which of these companies was your favorite? What games do you like to play at work? I wanted to let you know that I will be doing many more posts on software development, Big Data, enterprise development, and so much more in the coming weeks and months.

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