6 Must-See US Cities for 2021

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Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of New York, but what about other great US cities? Learn what every tourist needs to know about New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington and Houston.

New York

Let’s start with the most famous US city, New York. While the city itself is known for its skyscrapers, street artists, Broadway plays, chic restaurants and red light districts, it’s also known for its steep streets and its unique culinary heritage. The city is home to the most Michelin starred restaurants in the world and has 12 food truck places that include innovative street food. Although New York is a top tourist destination, it’s definitely not the best place to take your family. Especially in winter months, when the temperature drops to -15 degrees. What to do in New York If you love art, history, museums and Broadway shows, then New York is the place for you! Most people recommend spending at least three days in New York and take a cab everywhere.


No list of famous cities in the US would be complete without Boston. One of the oldest, it boasts a plethora of great schools, a bustling business center, amazing seafood, and that is just to name a few of its many amazing attributes. But what about the weird, the wonderful, and the weirdest thing about Boston? New England Beer Boston’s a huge college town. With a lot of young people and kids, you’ll be in good shape as you try to figure out Boston. I’m a firm believer in hitting up the Best Beer bars in Boston as soon as possible. Here are my favorite places to drink: Logan Brewery Urban Chestnut Bank Street Brewhouse Griffin Claw Brewing O’Toole’s O’Brien’s Tantum Verde Craft Beer in Boston So many options! You can choose between craft beer bars, breweries, and brewpubs.


Chicago is one of the world’s largest cities and one of the most famous. It’s a great place to visit because of its incredible architecture, lively theatre scene, sports and cuisine. No matter if you want to enjoy a great game at a soccer stadion, attend a local bar or enjoy the view from a rooftop: Chicago is a good fit for you.

San Francisco

The city of San Francisco is a popular tourist destination and is a major player in the tourism industry. People travel from all over the world to spend some time in the Bay Area. It is one of the most populated cities in the world. On your next trip to San Francisco, make sure to pack a camera so that you can take pictures of some of the famous landmarks around San Francisco. The ferry across the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Cable Car, Alcatraz, the Palace of Fine Arts and a lot more… all of these are on your itinerary if you decide to go to San Francisco. It is no surprise that this city has taken one of the top spot in the list of the most famous US cities. It has a lot to offer and we’ve even made a map of the most interesting sites. You can see it here.

Washington, DC

DC is where the US Congress, Supreme Court and other government-related offices are based. It is also home to the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Defense Department. Although the people of Washington DC don’t like Donald Trump, at least they don’t seem to be angry about his policies, unlike London. The White House is Washington’s most famous building, and although it’s not very high it has been described as “low and dignified”. US Presidents often use it to meet world leaders, or watch fireworks displays from the balcony. Washington’s gorgeous National Mall, with monuments and the iconic Washington Monument, gives visitors a chance to explore US history.


It’s a national and even global city. The best reason to visit? Houston’s food. While all of Houston is a foodie haven, it’s a matter of first time visitors going to Houston learning the really good places and skipping the mediocre. Even if you’ve been here before, go back and enjoy the food at new places. New York It’s New York! It’s even called the greatest city on earth. So what is not to like? Well, New York gets a little crowded, which can get irritating. It can be expensive. I don’t love Times Square. However, for a unique experience and to see what great things are really like, it’s worth the time and money. Boston Boston has lots of character, with beautiful old architecture and amazing colonial buildings, and it has lots of history.

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