6 Golden Rules For Success During Covid-19

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Every single one of us wishes to achieve personal success at some point in their life, but the truth is that most of us will stay mediocre due to having a poor mindset and lack of effort. Also, covid-19 doesn't really make things simpler. All we hear in the news is lockdowns, sickness, deaths ...

This article will help you to cultivate a growth mindset and focus on making the most out of this very special time we are living in.


“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” — Zig Ziglar

No there is nothing wrong with being mediocre as long as you chose to be, but for some people like myself, staying mediocre and living the average lifestyle is basically like a death sentence.

The thing I fear the most in life is being average and simultaneously I use this as the biggest motivation on my path to success.

So when you look around you and see successful people you don’t ask yourself the question “Can I be one of them?”, instead, you ask “How do I become one of them?”

Having a constant burning fire within, like an insatiable hunger which cannot be satisfied, is one of the first things, you’ll need to obtain if ever wish to have personal success. Other than that here are some of the other golden rules on your path to success.


Becoming successful doesn’t happen overnight, so the first thing you’ll need to do is remove any idea or the illusion of instant gratification.

Preparing yourself mentally is one of the most important rules that people tend to overlook on their path to success, which will eventually catch them up and backfire.

You’ll have to understand that the path to success is full of obstacles and blows and having patience provides you with the inner strength to deal with these difficulties and surpass them.

Having patience gives you the ability to go all beyond possible difficulties on your path to success. Once you committed to your goal and you put all your attention in the right direction, the perspective on the size of the difficulties will change and they will eventually fade away.

The higher the goals that you set for yourself the more patience and inner strength you’ll discover on your path to achieving it.

The true power comes within you, so keep your eyes on the prize, and each day you’ll overcome an obstacle you’ll become stronger and wiser than the day before.

Morning routine though the mind

The first battle of your day starts when the alarm clock goes off. It is your responsibility to show determination and will by getting up, instead of hitting the snooze button which sets the tempo for the rest of the day.

I realized that a morning routine has the power to make our lives a hundred times better or a hundred times worsts. If you’re not consciously creating a productive morning routine, you’re subconsciously creating one which alters your mental state.

Start incorporating things in your morning routine that allow you to have a calm and clear mind like waking up early, having a cold shower and not wasting the most important time of your day on social media.

Through the body

Besides learning self-discipline through the mind it’s also quite important to learn through our body.

This includes what we eat, when we eat it, physical activities like going on a run, hitting the gym or any other physical activity which forces us out of our comfort zone.

Creating a work routine a nice way of learning self-discipline, which not only keeps us energized it, it also teaches us the determination to overcome weakness by sticking with something when it gets hard and you feel like giving up.

When you successfully implement a physical activity in your routine it gives fuel to the fire burning within you. It will help you to succeed and prepare you for the long-term process on the path to success.

Be honest about what you want

The most crucial key before laying out the plans for your success is to be totally honest with yourself about what you actually want to be instead of getting deterred by your own self-doubt and lack of knowledge.

Instead of settling on a career of what people want and expect from you, stay true to yourself and believe in your abilities and talents but keep in mind that they’re only good as your confidence in them.

So developing your confidence is another key ingredient on your path to success.

Don’t Overthink Act On The Go!

Another key factor that separates the successful people from the mediocre ones is acting on the go, instead of planning and overthinking.

Now I’m not talking about functional planning but rather emotional planning which happens in our head.

The problem with emotional planning is that it often leads us to overthinking the whole idea and what can go wrong with it.

Getting stuck in the planning phase is why most people never succeed due to fear or doubts which creep in their mind and eventually detour them from success.

The harsh truth is that you can never know if you are prepared and good enough for something unless you actually do it.

Passion also plays a key factor here, as no matter how good you turn out to be if you are not driven by passion you’ll end up back at the starting line.

The planning phase and preparations are important and they should never be overlooked, however, don’t let any emotional thoughts like fear and concern

Learn from your mistakes

Most of you won’t succeed from your first try, so don’t view mistakes and failures in a negative way, but instead, learn from your past experiences and hone your skills for another go.

Learning from failures will not only makes you smarter, but it will make you stronger and more determined on your next attempts, so don’t be afraid to fail, what you lack In knowledge you poses in energy and will.

Not only that overcoming even the smallest of difficulties and misfortunes will energies you and whet your appetite for the upcoming challenges ahead.

It’s quite important to remember that you are running a marathon race, not a sprint, so don’t get carried away in celebrating either.

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