How to find the motivation that gets us through the coronavirus pandemic

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This year is different than all others before. Shutdowns, all mass media is talking about is covid and the whole world is in crisis. Many people losing their jobs and the whole country has one thing in common. A lack of motivation due to this global pandemic.

But a lack of motivation does not only apply to a pandemic. Who doesn’t know that — at half-past six in the morning the alarm clock rings and you think: “only five minutes left”. The five minutes become at least ten and are extended twice. In the end, you only get up when the time cushion is really exhausted to the last second. Now all you have to do is jump into your clothes, hectically flush half a roll with a coffee, and rush to work.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. — Jim Rohn

What happened? In the morning the motivation to leave the bed was completely lacking, only with the external pressure to arrive punctually at work, you manage to get up.

What exactly is motivation?

Motivation is the drive to achieve a goal and satisfy needs. This means that there can be no motivation without goals. There are two types of motivation, inner motivation (intrinsic motivation) and outer motivation (extrinsic motivation).

The motivation from within can be generated by something that is simply fun. Or also that you do something that corresponds to your individual values can be an inner driving force. A source of motivation from outside can be a common goal in a group to which you want to contribute. Another external motivation can be expectations or demands from outside, which you want to meet.

Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation. — Unknown

Personally, I consider inner motivation to be particularly important. Especially when it is important to achieve something predominantly alone, for example as a self-employed person, as a sole proprietor, or as a blogger, it is not possible without inner motivation. Impulses from outside can often give a short-term boost, but in the end, it is above all sustained inner motivation that leads to long-term success.

What you should do if you do not develop motivation in your job

If you do a job just to make money, it’s bad in the long run. Certainly, money can be a motivator, but for most people that is not enough to be really satisfied with their job. Now, of course, you can point out the necessity of earning money and argue that it is just what matters.

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible. — Christopher Reeve

Yes, but if you cannot develop any motivation in your current job, you should look for other job opportunities to earn your money. Because there is a difference whether you are permanently unmotivated or just have a hangover from time to time. Temporary lack of motivation can be dealt with.

What can you do if you get saggy?

This is something every one of us surely knows, on some days you are simply listless and would much rather start all sorts of things with your time than work. If you get caught, then the following tips can help you to do your work more motivated:

Make yourself aware of the goal you want to achieve with your work. Imagine how great it will be to achieve this goal. How proud and how happy you will be.

Offer yourself a reward. If you have done everything properly, then you will buy something you have wanted to treat yourself to for a long time. But don’t cheat, only reward yourself if you have really done the job.

How to achieve lasting motivation

As already mentioned, if the work is basically against you, then even the best motivation tips don’t help much anymore. A prerequisite for relatively sustained motivation is that the job suits you.

First set yourself desirable goals
Subdivisions larger goals into smaller subgoals that can be achieved in the foreseeable future. Many small successes increase your satisfaction and spur you on to the next goal. On the other hand, if it takes too long to complete a task, you may run out of motivation on the way.

It is best to plan your goals in advance and not to set them too far. Also set goals in your private life, because every goal you achieve lifts your spirits and increases motivation in general. So you profit also in your professional life from your private successes.

Search the challenge
Don’t make it too easy for yourself to plan your goals. Find goals that also have a certain degree of ambition and challenge you to a certain extent. From time to time you may push yourself to your limits, the more satisfying the success will be for you, and the higher the motivation for the next task. But be careful, don’t overtax yourself! Excessive demands can easily lead to frustration and finally to resignation.

Train your mind to see the good in any situation. — Unknown

Let yourself be inspired by what you have achieved
Be consciously proud of what you have already achieved. Stop for a moment from time to time and show yourself what you have already achieved and what difficult tasks you have mastered. Remember the positive feelings you had and perhaps the recognition of your surroundings.

Imagine that you will feel at least as great at your next success or even better. And already you can get back to work with new energy.

Summary: Nothing works without motivation

If the basic prerequisite is right, then it is not so difficult to motivate yourself permanently. Everyone certainly has a sag, no matter how much fun the work is otherwise. However, these saggings can normally be overcome quite quickly. The above tips should help you to quickly find your motivation again. Follow them to finally overcome the corona unhappiness and live a motivated life.

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