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There was a time when “digital marketing” term was known to very few people. It was merely known to some serious researchers who were always trying to find the potentiality and outcomes of the latest trends in online presence.

Digital marketing was less understood in different industries unless it was introduced by some enthusiastic expert or the agency.

Earlier, people had the idea of social media marketing to some extent and search engine optimization that could help a website to rank better on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

But things changed in the year 2019 for digital marketing. Every brand started exploring the immense outcomes of digital marketing for their online presence.

Today, if we analyse the facts & figures of sales, marketing, outreach, connections has totally changed the way before it was.

Let us try to go deeper into every channel of digital marketing and understand the changing trends that brought bout transformation in every industry that may be a start-up, SMEs, or enterprise-level organizations:

Social Media Marketing — Earlier, the brands used to make maximum use of this channel for sharing photos, videos about their products, new happenings within the brand, and some cool posts that the visitor may enjoy nothing more than that. But, today, things have changed for every brand as it has become a sort of compulsion to have a good presence on all social media platforms. As per the latest statistics by SmartInsights.com, there are 3.196 billion users worldwide and are increasing by 13% every year.

If we talk about each social media platform they have brought about vigorous changes to help the brand and individual outreach maximum audience for the purpose of charity, business expansion, awareness campaigns, and political campaigns. Starting with Instagram, it had a limitation to post a video of 30 secs then it was extended to 60 secs.

Later, this year keeping in mind the huge demand for video contents they took a massive step to start IGTV where the brands or an individual are able to upload a video length of more than 60 secs which has brought a lot of relief to the people who wanted to share longer videos. Instagram also changed a lot of things in Stories that are now instrumental for all brands to target their audience and increase their engagement.

Facebook was not way behind in bringing the 360° photos and videos to its features where people could happily share 360° content for maximum engagement. They also brought changes in their algorithm in which one was the News Feed that displays the posts as per your interest and frequent visits. LinkedIn was also successful in implementing video ads that could change the face of marketing for any brand belonging to any industry.

Twitter, also introduced many amazing features like Twitter stories, bookmarking a tweet, quoting a tweet, pinning a tweet, Twitter lists and if you want to tweet or want to work on Twitter during the night time or in darkness then Night Mode is just a perfect match for you to use.

This way a lot of new worthy features have been introduced so far, for the purpose of branding, engagement, and awareness.

Search Engine Optimization — Almost everyone has seen that Google massively changed its algorithm with respect to ranking a website or a specific page. Many changes have been implemented to eradicate content duplication and give the audience a unique experience and what they want. The way we write blogs also matters a lot in website ranking. For example, a blog written with 2,000 words is ideal for the blog to get maximum engagement and outreach.

If you are running a website or a blog then the use of infographics has also been booming the industry. The reason being this content type has all that a visitor requires more specifically a content, visuals, statistics all in a single image.

Google has also implemented rules and regulations for websites or blogs having duplicate contents. Now, those websites are liable to be penalized for duplicate content and not following the rules.

SEO has not been limited to only Google or Bing but even YouTube has made its entry into the list of search engines. They have their own algorithm for a video to rank better. These factors have largely affected every brand and individual.

Content Marketing — All of the content is worthless unless you do not have proper planning to market to the right audience in the industries that you want to target. Today, it does not matter how well your domain name or content is but what matters is its presence on all social media platforms and other mediums. The more content is shared and the more engagement is likely to grow with lesser efforts. The sole condition to get the desired result is an optimized strategy for content. If you have one good strategy you are sure to get a huge response, it may take time but the engagement you get will always be unique and consistent. Talking about content sharing, what matters is the quality of the content and research work did to create such engaging content.

Many other channels like Online PR, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing Inbound Marketing has also attracted the eyes with its unique features. Affiliate marketing is heavily been used to monetize websites and blogs. Many brands have opened up their affiliate programs to benefit the people and also market their brand to the maximum. Email Marketing has attracted people in large numbers due to its easiness through the help of Email Automation tools and others.

The changing trends have also seen the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (like chatbots), Augmented Reality (tracking of ROI, real-time feedback), Virtual Reality (like 3600 content), Big Data (for data analysis), etc. These trending technologies are the future of digital marketing and are about to make a huge impact in every industry and its thought-process. So 2021 is going to be a very interesting year for digital marketing.

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