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Our inner attitude is crucial to all actions in your life. This is the mindset, your inner (mental) attitude. Also referred to as your way of thinking or basic attitude towards the life you live. This attitude and your attitude are the basis for any personal development and growth in your life.

The following quote from Henry Ford nicely sums up what Mindset is all about:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right,”

Your thoughts determine your life. They determine how you feel, how you deal with your fellow men, how much you dare to do, and much more. The result of your thoughts is ultimately your actions.

When it comes to personal success, hard work often comes to the fore. It is disregarded that our way of thinking and inner attitude plays at least as big a role in our success.

Quantum physicists have proven that we have 60,000–70,000 different thoughts every day. That’s a quite a splendid amount after all. Imagine that the majority of your 60,000 thoughts are negative and destructive.

Sounds cruel, doesn’t it?

The problem is that this is actually the truth. For most people, only a small fraction of all thoughts are positive and motivating. All others are negative and limiting. At this point, it also becomes clear what separates successful people (among other things) from the average. Namely their success Mindset.

People who achieve their goals and create extraordinary things trust themselves and their own abilities. They have their thoughts under control and consciously control their inner attitude. They know that only the right mindset leads to the right actions and delivers satisfactory results.

Of course, it is not possible and also not the goal that you control 100% of your thoughts and polish for ultimate positivity. But you can probably imagine what a massive impact a positive mindset can have on your life if you manage to make the majority of your 60,000 thoughts positive.

Positive thinking is the only common denominator of all successful people. — Joe Girard

The right mindset can give you confidence and ensure that you can master obstacles with ease. The wrong mindset, on the other hand, can block you from reaching your goals and become a permanent hurdle, no matter how hard you work.

The good news is that you can control your mindset and actively change it. Successful people also have fears and doubts and, like all other people, are confronted with obstacles. What distinguishes them from the masses is how they react to them. Because no matter what happens, you can decide how you react to it. You always have the choice whether to let the course take you or to consciously steer the situation.

If you want to achieve more than before, then you have to become active and get your mindset under control. Because success in itself is not a question of talent, but a question of the right attitude and way of thinking. You can be as talented as you want, if you fail in your head, you won’t be able to win anywhere else.

The ultimate foundation for your development and success lies in your thoughts. If you accept that your destiny is the result of your thoughts, then you can actively control your life and have control over what happens.

How is our Mindset created?

Basically, your mindset develops over the years through all the experiences you gain in life. Every smallest experience in your life has contributed to your thinking the way you think today.

If your family and the environment in which you grew up have attached great importance to security and have always warned you of possible mistakes, you will probably be more reluctant to take risks in the future.

In the worst case scenario, this will limit your personal growth and prevent you from living your full potential because you are too afraid of the negative consequences.

Success through positive thinking, is that even possible?
Most people claim that they would be happy and content if they had something specific.

If I had more money, everything would be fine.
If I had two more days to learn, I would definitely pass the exam.

You probably know countless such examples yourself. With such statements, we link our satisfaction to external factors that we can hardly control.

The fact is, however, that positive thinking and the right mindset can make a significant contribution to your success. Happiness research has proven this in countless studies.

Among others, the American happiness researcher Shawn Achor found out that success does not lead to happiness, but rather vice versa. With the correct attitude, we feel lucky and see the positive whereby in consequence successes develop.

Achor could also prove that our brain experiences a “happiness advantage” in a positive state and that we can perform better.

According to studies:
we are 31% more productive in the positive state than in the negative state.
sellers have a 37% higher success rate when they are happy
doctors are 19% faster and more accurate in their diagnoses
Why is it so difficult to develop a positive mindset?
Positive thinking is not always easy to implement. This is mainly due to the fact that our brain is trained for evolutionary reasons to recognize problems and disturbances since humans were primarily concerned with survival and not enjoyment.

While negative thoughts can be vital for survival, positive thinking is necessary for constructive and creative learning as well as for mental growth.

How to learn to stay positive

Reward yourself for your own successes

It is often the case that we actually do more and progress faster than we are aware of ourselves. You can keep a success diary to show you your successes more consciously. Thus you note down during the day or in the evening everything that you have achieved and done. Reflect regularly on your successes and consciously take the time to reward yourself for your progress and to be proud of yourself. Our negative thoughts are often a result of self-doubt because we don’t think we can achieve enough. By seeing your successes, you strengthen your self-confidence, can be proud of yourself, and feel positive feelings.

Show gratitude

As with our successes, we forget too often to show gratitude for the things we already have. Negative thoughts often attract even more negativity and we lose sight of the good.

A gratitude journal can help you to consciously think every day about the things you are actually grateful for in life.

For example, you can start your day by writing down three things for which you are grateful in your life. So you make yourself aware of what is already great and can focus on attracting more of it.

Repeat positive affirmations

Affirmations are positive beliefs that you define and constantly repeat in the present tense at best. For example, an affirmation can look like this:

Today is a great day, I feel great and I will close three new customers.
I am fit as never before and I will score two goals in today’s match.
I will master every challenge I face today with ease.

The goal is for these beliefs to become flesh and blood. For example, you can write your affirmations several times in a small magazine in the morning and start the day full of positive thoughts. Or you set yourself several alarm clocks, which remind you again and again of your affirmations in the course of the day and give you positive energy. Another possibility is to stand in front of the mirror in the morning and speak your beliefs out loud.

Stay Realistic

Negativity often arises because we imagine unrealistic horror scenarios. Do you know that when you imagined a terrible situation but it was half as bad? In our thoughts, we often imagine things much more terrible than they actually come.

Take the visit to the dentist as an example: Many people fear visiting the dentist for months on end and keep postponing an appointment. If the pain is too severe, they book an appointment and are usually surprised that the treatment was not as bad as expected.You should consciously reflect on such situations and take the time to realize that your negative thoughts were unjustified. The more often you realize that negativity was unnecessary in such situations, the faster you can eliminate it from your life.

Focus on goals

You should remember your goals over and over again and make yourself aware that you can achieve them. You can accomplish this by making concrete plans on how to achieve your goals. The more you engage with it and realize that your goals can actually become true, the more positive you can live and focus on carrying out the planned steps.

Explore the reason for negativity

Often there is a reason behind our negative thoughts that is not even conscious of ourselves. When you realize that negative thoughts plague you, you should try to find out what is actually behind them. Make sure you don’t generalize, but get to the bottom of the specific cause of your thoughts. Is there a person who worries you? Is it a fear of a particular situation? Do you feel particularly uncomfortable in one place? Consciously take the time to explore these thoughts and then eliminate this specific reason from your life.

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