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Beer Lovers Must Visit Riggs Beer Company in Urbana, Illinois

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Beer SamplesBrennon Hightower

If you are unfamiliar with Riggs Beer Company, it is a family-owned brewery that opened its doors to the public in June 2016 and is located at 1901 S. High Cross Road in Urbana, Illinois.

For a long time, I craved to visit and sample their beers and finally had the opportunity. At that time, brewery tours were available and could be purchased directly from Riggs or through online specials such as Groupon.

On our tour, we learned quite a bit about the beer industry, got our taste buds on some wheat, and learned what makes Riggs Beer Company unique from its competitors.

A few things that really stood out to me (and, that I appreciated) was the family-friendly concept that was adopted from Germany. With the establishment being family-friendly, you can actually bring your children with you while you relax in the Tap Room or Beer Garden. It’s a very family-friendly environment.

Children are still allowed, however, the playground is closed. You must also keep your children at your table. Due to COVID guidelines, masks must be worn throughout the establishment when you are not at your table.

At the time, the Tap Room was able to seat 95 people in a cozy environment with a great view of the production brewery while the outside Beer Garden was able to seat 200 people.

Another thing that stood out to me was the positive community engagement and collaboration. While I was seated at the bar, there was a social gathering being held on the porch area, as well as a University of Illinois presentation going on as we began our tour.

In addition to learning about the uniqueness of Riggs, we learned how corn is used in beer and learned more about the processes behind beer production as a whole.

Beer SamplesBrennon Hightower

Lastly, our tour samples included some of the following.

However, please keep in mind that these are not necessarily current offerings. Please visit their website for a more up to date list.

The American Lager (My Favorite)

The American Lager is Riggs’ take on America’s most popular beer style. The brewery uses a large dose of non-GMO corn from their family’s farm to create this American classic. It is fermented, conditioned, and lagered in their brewery for a full six weeks for an unbeatable smoothness.


According to Riggs, Hefeweizen is the most popular style of the southern German state of Bavaria for good reason. It has a rich banana aroma but finishes clean, slightly tart, and refreshing.

Red Lager

Riggs describes this beer as a “dual citizen” of the US and Germany. Dark German malts are used to create a red color and subtle fruitiness that is unlike any other beer on the market. A healthy dose of American aroma hops accentuate the fruitiness and provide a refined bitterness that will leave you ready for another drink.

India Pale Lager

Riggs decided to see what would happen if they used a German Lager yeast in an American IPA to create a truly blank canvas for the finest aroma hop varieties to shine through, and it happened with the India Pale Lager.

Final Thoughts

With Riggs Brewery having such a variety of beers available, I am sure you will be able to enjoy something of your liking. While you are there why not consider renting a cabin for an hour or so. Riggs has created new ways to enjoy their environment, such as with their cabins and huts.

Cabins are allowed to seat up to 10 people each, however, eight people fit more comfortably. The cost to reserve a cabin is $20 per hour. Reservations can be made via e-mail info@riggsbeer.com.

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