The consequences of divorce for Bill Gates and Doctor Dre


From Bill Gates to Dr. Dre, 2021 is marking one of the years with the highest celebrity divorce rate.
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This is a chronic case. Especially after Dr. Dre was served his divorce papers during the funeral of his grandmother. Well, this is the product of what happens when you’re not true to your spouse. And this is a tale as old as time that right now is affecting some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world.

Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates are also divorcing after 27 years of marriage. The power couple that created the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (that is now worth 40 billion dollars) is calling it quits. There are some hidden infidelities after these divorces and we are here to break them down for you.

The infidelity of Bill Gates with one of his own employees

While the headlines have been filled with Melinda Gates's concerns about her ex-husband's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein there is some more dirt underneath the surface. As a matter of fact, Bill Gates confirmed having cheated on his ex-wife with a Microsoft employee just days after finalizing their divorce.

It seems like Bill Gates was trying to move on too quickly there. However, he has also admitted to regretting doing such a horrible thing on his wife saying:

Certainly, I think everyone does have regrets. But it’s a time of reflection and at this point, I need to go forward. My work is very important to me. Within the family we’ll heal as best we can and learn from what happened. — Bill Gates

Gate’s ex-mistress has come forward to confirm the infidelity that had its genesis almost 20 years ago. These claims come after The WSJ reported that the board of Microsoft investigated Bill after he tried to start a romantic relationship with one of his female engineers in 2019. The woman, Zhe “Shelly” Wang, who had worked for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, denied that she was the main reason for their divorce. She made the claims public on a Chinese social media site named Weibo.

The truth of their infidelity

It remains publicly unclear whether the infidelity was the reason for the divorce. However, the Gates couple did say that after a lot of work to try to fix their relationship, they have finally decided to end their marriage. So while unconfirmed, the infidelity does seem to have played a role in their parting ways since as we said earlier, Bill Gates confirmed to have regretted all of it.

Dr. Dre’s legal battle with his wife

Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned

It appears that Dr. Dre’s ex-wife represents this example at its best. Nicole Young has filed a lawsuit against the Chronic rapper, asking for co-ownership to his career name.

Nicole Young is asking authorities to help her collect $1.5 million from the famous producer. She has been in contact with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to help her collect the legal costs in the divorce battle between the couple. Originally, Nicole asked for $2 million per month as spousal support but a judge ordered Dr. Dre in July that he had to pay $300,000 every month to his ex-wife.

He should pay her the spousal support until she remarries or enters into a domestic partnership or unless the court decides otherwise at a later date. Now, Young has filed a court document with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to enforce the judgment for the remaining $1,224,607, which grows with an interest of $335 per day as long as it remains unpaid.

Once Dre gets served with the papers from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Nicole Young can proceed against his bank accounts to collect the money. And this is not over yet, since Young also believes that she is entitled to 50% of Dr. Dre’s billion-dollar estate.

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