The Inspirational Life Story of Buddha: Real Life Lessons From A Real-Life Figure

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As Westerners, I'm sure we are all quite oblivious to Eastern religious figures. They were indeed real-life figures, just as Jesus was said to be alive at one point. But if we put aside religion for a second, and look at the interesting lives of these figures within themselves, you'd be surprised how much there is to learn, no matter your religious stance. Personally, I'm an atheist, but I'm still open to learning about why some people believe in what they believe.

I bet you didn't know that Buddha was a royal emperor to be, living in luxury and wealth in 536 BC- 483 BC. Well, let me explain this story to you.
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The Life

Buddha was born between the 6th and 4th century BC to a wealthy king in the Himalayan hills of Nepal. The buddha was then called Siddhartha Gautama and it was said that he would become either the emperor of India or a holy man.

Because of the status of Siddhartha’s father, he wanted him to be an emperor, not a holy man, and therefore sheltered his son in a luxurious palace with wealth beyond comprehension: jewels, servants, gold, lotus ponds, etc.
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For the first 29 years of Buddha's life, he was sheltered from the outside world as he says:

“A white sunshade was held over me day and night to protect me from cold, heat, dust, dirt, and dew.”

Soon after this, he started to leave the palace for his first few times and was shocked to discover that poor people existed and that they were normal and he wasn’t. On his final trip outside the palace, he met a holy man who taught him about spirituality. Siddhartha left his wife and kids and the palace forever.

All Buddha did was meditate under a fig tree, and eventually, he reached a state of enlightenment that compares to no other: “Nirvana”. Nirvana means ‘awakening’. This is how he earned the title Buddha, ‘the awakened one’.

Buddha discovered some key truths in his life journey. One was that suffering and dissatisfaction exist: “Life is difficult and brief and bound up with suffering.”

Another truth is that he believed that suffering is caused by our wrong desires.

“Attatchment is the root of all suffering.”

The third truth is the belief that we can all move beyond suffering by having close control or eliminating all our attachments. He is famed for saying a famous saying that is we should change our outlook, not our circumstances. By refocusing our minds, we can find true contentment.

Today there are between a half and one and a half billion Buddhists.
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