The Ultimate Importance of Finding Purpose and Passion as a Young Person


“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”― Friedrich Nietzsche
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To be able to direct your energy towards a fulfilling endeavor at such a young age is no easy feat. Finding what it is you want to do and who you want to be is like trying to swim through a muddy swamp, the endless sludge will drag you down in your search for a purpose.

So what is a purpose? Why do we need one? Having a purpose is what gives meaning to your life, it’s what sustains your motivation so show up every day and actively piece together the puzzle of your future dream. You see, life as it has no inherent meaning. Without a passion or purpose, all you are doing is aimlessly cruising through life, existing for the sake of it. Existence is a delicate subject for a deep thinker like me.

The belief that you exist for a reason and that your life can be dedicated to contributing to what society has to offer is something that usually comes later in life. But why is that? Why must we follow these general trends and accept this as a matter of fact? Why must we stereotypically be lost and aimless in our teens and 20's?

If the 21st century is showing us anything, it’s that rules do not exist for the extraordinary. If you are so far above the general line of trend, rules cease to exist, your capacity to achieve the unthinkable becomes an actionable plan, not a distant dream. Every day we have people emerging who are shaking the world, from Vitalik Buterin who created Ethereum at 19 to Greta Thunberg changing the world from 16.

Being young and causing an impact is possible.

Many people will not bother trying to find their purpose until they are well into their late 20’s. And until then, they are misguided by the typical male desires. That is to have the best girls, be the most dominant Alpha they can be, and enjoying their unbound freedom..

Not having a deeply passionate life goal in mind leaves you empty and unfulfilled. And when you are empty and unfulfilled, you turn to distractions to fulfill your longing desires for something meaningful. When this happens, a man turns to lustful desires, letting the idea of sex control his essence, zapping his energy that could be transmuted into a meaningful endeavor. In this stage, you will probably think finding a girlfriend is what’s best for you because you have nothing else meaningful.

Well, this is wrong, it’s the opposite of what you should be doing. Being tied down at such a young age is direct harm to the future man you want to be and most of all leaves you no time to pursue a purpose. A dedicated relationship requires most of your time, and along with it comes drama and the principal fault of human nature.
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You start to rely on other people for your happiness, you lose all sense of self-reliance, the most important thing we must always have. Losing sight of the importance of independence is a hidden crime. It’s a ticking time bomb for disaster. when this bomb explodes, your world will come caving in, and those who don't know how to deal with this will fold.

They will crumble because they aren’t strong. They had no time in their relationship to develop their minds, to focus on the importance of self-improvement, all they wanted to do was spend time with someone they loved.

These are the empty people who will go onto be trapped in a cycle. They will fill this gaping hole of pain by finding someone else to fit it, only until the new person leaves and they're at square one again.

However, this gaping hole of pain from failing to see the importance of self-reliance can be a door opening to a new realm. From the darkest points of pain, we can dig for the purest form of light, where a fire gets sparked within us. This fire will push you towards your purpose, towards what it truly means to be a fulfilled man in a world of hedonistic distractions. This is what happened to me, and now I’m finally at peace.
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I’m not writing this to give you recommendations of what to do, to give you books to read that will change the way you view yourself, or to give you habits that will compound into greatness. I’m here to philosophize, to show the person who is just like me that to think deeply about a matter that is central to your life is actually a way to find answers.

And these answers hold fulfillment. Think about it, take time to question who you are, where you are going, what you want to achieve. I promise you, passion and purpose are hidden in these questions which lie in the deep crevasses of your mind, they are not hidden inside your girlfriend.

Fulfillment doesn't come from external pleasures, it comes from the peace you have within you to be happy. Everything you need is within. Search and question yourself, that is how I found my purpose. There is a real universal power within introspection. Go unlock it, we are all capable of it.

Now let me get one last important thing straight. Purpose isn't something you find, it doesn't exist separate from the self. Purpose is always within and everyone has it. You don't find purpose, you give yourself purpose. Purpose is the sensation that what you are doing is contributing to something greater than yourself. You can feel this working in Mcdonald even.

If I could give a final piece of advice to anyone feeling lost, it’s to take some time to themselves (a long period of time without having to worry about fulfilling expectations others have of you or keeping up with your girlfriend) and get involved in philosophy.
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To philosophize is to find answers to your deepest troubles. To philosophize and think deeply about your purpose for this life you have in front of you is to fulfill an existential black hole that we all have. This hole will deepen the longer you leave it uncared for, so getting involved in philosophy can prevent your life force from getting sucked in by this black hole.

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