Shamrock, OK

When the Oil Dried Up in Shamrock, OK


It's the luck of the Irish again

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When Ireland came to Oklahoma

The story of Shamrock, Oklahoma is a story that's as curious as a cat in a coal bin. During the Creek County oil boom, this little village started with just 35 folks, but when that oil started gushing like a mountain spring, it was like a wildfire in a dry prairie.

In no time at all, the population shot up to a whopping 10,000!

Now, them officials, they had a hankerin' for all things Irish, so they gave the town and all them streets Irish-sounding names. The merchants down the main road, they painted their buildings the color of fresh clover, green as a leprechaun's hat.

The postmaster, he even turned them postage stamps green as the Emerald Isle. And them two newspaper fellas, well, they gave their papers some Irish flair, callin' 'em The Brogue and the Blarney.

But here's the kicker, folks: there was this clever salesman who thought he could sell folks a piece of the Blarney Stone, you know, that famous Irish rock known for its gift of gab. But turns out, the luck of the Irish didn't shine so bright in Shamrock.

As quick as the wildcatters had come, they packed up their gear and moseyed on outta town. And just like that, Shamrock, once a bustling boomtown, fell on hard times and crumbled into ruins.

Sometimes, even the luck of the Irish can't keep a town alive when the oil's all dried up.


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