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"The Winchesters Were Popping Like Popcorn"; Cousin "Shub" Resists Arrest in Antlers


In 1937, Wilson Locke of Hugo, Oklahoma, gave an interview in which he recounted family events surrounding his cousin, "Shub" and the time he murdered Jim Ashford in Antlers, a small town about 20 miles north of Hugo.
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Wilson says that, once, in a drunken row in Antlers, Shub shot and killed a man named Jim Ashford.

Several Choctaw officers headed by Gilbert Duke came down and attempted to arrest Sheb, but by that time their uncle Dick had a group of Choctaws at his command, and the fight was on: when Duke came down they had a battle right there at uncle Dick's house and one shot took out a bunch of Dolly (Shub's sister) Locke's hair. That infuriated uncle Dick. He really went to shooting then. The officers retreated, and reported to governor Wilson Jones, principal chief of the Choctaw nation.

Wilson heard about the story when his father got involved:

The first news that my father...had of the trouble was when a freight train pulled into Goodland. We had moved to Goodland at Clear Creek Mill at about the time of the "Wilson War." The engineer said he was scheduled to stop at Antlers, but that when he came through the Winchesters were popping like popcorn and he was afraid to stop. Then my father went up there to help uncle Dick out. You see my father was Dr. Frank Locke, uncle Dick's brother.

Wilson goes on to relate that it took about 30 days before the standoff was resolved.

When U.S. troops were called in, their captain finally convinced Uncle Dick to surrender Shub, on the condition that he receive very little punishment. Some time later, Shub and a friend were drunk coming home on the train from Paris, Texas to Antlers, Indian Territory, when they had an altercation in which both got shot. Wilson says this injury led to Shub's death, but his friend was never charged with any crime and was still living close to Frogville, just outside Hugo.

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