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Oklahoma Mom Upset After Her Child Was Forced to Wall Sit As a Punishment


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The punishment may not always fit the 'crime'

An Oklahoma mother was so upset that a teacher forced her third-grader to perform a 15-minute 'wall sit' as a punishment that she is taking him out of class until the school district takes care of the situation appropriately.

Jayne Stephans says her son was punished on Thursday, January 12 at Greenvale Elementary school in Oklahoma City, and she intends to keep her son out of class until the Western Heights School District takes appropriate action to address her concern.

After talking to her son, Stephans says her son told her he was forced by a teacher to do a fifteen minute wall sit during recess as punishment.

"That is not the way you discipline kids," Stephans said. "I didn’t sign up for them to treat my son like he is in boot camp."

Jacob says his legs were shaking a lot, he was crying, and some of the other kids were making fun of him.

Wall sits are a leg and thigh exercise designed to build strength and endurance. One source gives an average male a rating of 'excellent' if he can maintain a wall sit for over 100 seconds, but lists the average performance as 50-75 seconds.

A one-minute wall sit is 60 seconds. A 15-minute wall sit is 900 seconds.

One trainer warned adults attempting the 15-minute wall sit challenge that they would probably need "several breaks" unless they have been doing this exercise for some time.

Jayne Stephans says this isn't the first time her son has been disciplined in this way at the school.

"Last month, there was a coach that got in his face and made him do thirty push-ups in front of the class because he wouldn’t run," Stephans said. "He has asthma."

Stephans says she has a meeting with the school principal on Tuesday.

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