Why Write a Memoir or Life Story?

Judy Helm Wright--Author/Historian/IntuitiveWiseWoman

All over the world, people are eager and eager to learn about their family heritage. Especially, now that the Pandemic has shown how quickly one can become isolated and not feel a part of the "tribe."

This lack of connection has shown how modern families are complicated, isolated, and confused about their roots. This past year and a half have separated the closeness and opportunity to share family stories with loved ones.

People everywhere feel some of the emptiness in their life when talking about close family relationships. They hunger for morels of information that will tell them about who are and why they do what they do. They look to the past for information about their life and the future of their children.

Storytelling is an Ancient Art

For many of us in this culture, we've forgotten how to share stories. And yet, each of us has a very personal story to tell. The experiences, lessons, trials, and triumphs we have encountered can enrich the lives of those we love and many who will never know us personally.

Most of us have some knowledge of at least two generations back. Either we were lucky enough to spend time with our grandparents or our parents would share stories about them and their parents. We can reflect on their lives to gain strength to overcome adversity or courage to find a meaningful path for ourselves.

"Let me tell you a story..." is one of the oldest invitations in the human experience. The sharing of wisdom and memories builds not only relationships but communities.

Tell Your LifeStory Now

As a founding member of the Montana StoryKeepers and the Association of Personal Historians, I have found the title wave of interest in finding family roots in tales, legends, and memories is at an all-time high.

Perhaps you have been prompted by your spirit, your children, or your own need to move your message into a memoir. Now is the time to gather the various thoughts, papers, photos, and mementos and begin to share your lifestory.

There are a number of classes being offered online or you can simply begin on your own. Make a list of defining moments or pivotal times and decide what you want to share. Make your lifestory come alive by using the senses and mentioning what is going on in the family, the community, the nation and the world at the time. Perhaps even mention the top songs that were playing on the radio?

Healing Power of Stories

My favorite work as a Personal Historian is gathering the end-of-life stories for the Montana Storykeepers. People are not so much afraid of death as they are of being forgotten. Sharing the important parts of their lives with their families and friends guarantees that they will live forever.

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Judy Helm Wright is an Intuitive Wise Woman, Author/ Blogger, and Personal Historian. Internationally known and respected as an expert in the fields of child development, oral histories, and interpersonal relationships. A founding member of "Association of Personal Historians" and worked with Hospice to gather end-of-life stories. Her latest book is "Tell Your LifeStory and Write Your Memoir" As an author of over 22 books of her own and many she has ghostwritten, she has a gift for sharing a message that inspires and engages the reader. She is now teaching several eCourses to assist others in writing their memoir and telling their life story. Check out www.ArtichokePress.com and www.AskAuntieArtichoke.com for a listing and coupons for the courses. Please join our "tribe" as we explore and celebrate all the seasons of our lives and the lives of our loved ones, both four and two-legged. PS: Check out the "about section" to read the story of how Judy Helm Wright received the honorary title of "Auntie Artichoke." How We Got Started Http://www.ArtichokePress.com officially opened in 1991. Judy Helm Wright has always been a storyteller. With a love for writing, one of her favorite gigs was capturing end-of-life stories for Hospice. Trained as a Personal and Oral Historian, she was a ghostwriter for several memoirs. As she self-published several parenting books while training Head Start staff at various reservations and schools, she published for others who were writing similar books. She and her husband of 55 years, Dwain, have six Young Professional Kids scattered all over the globe doing wonderful work. We gather each Friday night for a Zoom call to laugh, love, and support one another. We are blessed and share with others as well. As a Life Coach and Book Guide, I can help you write your own book or work through some of life's sticky places. I can help you find your own solutions. It helps to have extra eyes and ears to witness your life's journey. You will be glad you did. Judy & Dwain Wright, Missoula, MT

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