Solved: QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013


Get to know the possible reasons and troubleshooting of QuickBooks Error Message OLSU 1013.

The QB online banking is a great addition to the QB desktop software. It has helped users connect with their financial institutions easily. With this, they can download and view all details regarding their transactions related to banking services. However, the users don't always get to have such smooth operations on the software.

QuickBooks Errors can make life difficult for many users of this software. One such bug is the QuickBooks Error code OLSU 1013. It occurs when the banking setup isn't proper. Also, it restricts everyone from updating their data related to accounts. Other than that, it will occur during the setting up of the online banking data. Read more to learn how to fix the issue.

What Exactly Is QuickBooks Error Message OLSU 1013?

If the QuickBooks users face issues when connecting with their financial institute, a warning message appears:

"An unexpected error occurred. The branding and profile servers could not be accessed."

Learn more about troubleshooting methods and causes to understand more about the QuickBooks Error code OLSU 1013.

Reasons Behind Constant Appearance of QuickBooks Error Message OLSU 1013

Many factors can affect QuickBooks' functioning. Therefore, there are many reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Error code OLSU 1013:

  1. Due to incorrect credentials filled by the user for logging in, the error may occur.
  2. Also, the internet explorer may not have the proper configuration to support QuickBooks.
  3. Apart from that, the express mode isn't active for your account.
  4. The FIDIR (Financial Institution Directory) is outdated.
  5. The internet connectivity is weak.
  6. Your operating system is outdated.
  7. The current QuickBooks software being used is obsolete.
  8. If the website is under maintenance, a technical error might occur.

Things To Follow Before Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error code OLSU 1013

Many glitches can pop up while working on the QuickBooks online software. Troubleshooting isn't easy. Hence, ensure that you follow these steps before fixing the error:

  • Firstly, download only the latest update of QuickBooks software. Also, do not forget to prepare a backup in advance for the company data file.
  • After that, check the internet speed of your connection. To verify this info, try the same on different networks, such as mobile data, Wifi, broadband, and others. Disconnect the device immediately, if you are using the public network.
  • Try looking for the latest update of Internet Explorer as well. To fix the QuickBooks Error Message OLSU 1013, you would have to make it your default browser for QuickBooks.
  • Apart from that, don't forget to check with the financial institution about necessary banking details, such as username, password, pin, etc. Make sure that these are updated.
  • Lastly, if the user is working in multi-user mode, they need to switch to the single-user mode. They can do so by going to the File menu under QuickBooks. It will help resolve the QuickBooks Error code OLSU 1013.

Research more into the QuickBooks Error Message OLSU 1013 before troubleshooting the error. Otherwise, contact the technical help team for fixing the QuickBooks Error code OLSU 1013.

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