Is Homeopathy Active Against Anxiety: A Detailed Analysis


Anxiety isn't normal when it takes over your life. Being nervous before a performance is all right, but when you start panicking at every moment of your life, you seriously need to consider seeking help.

Mental health issues are finally getting their due attention. The science of treating anxiety isn't about the careless consumption of anti-depressants and sleeping pills anymore. The situation has improved multi-folds due to awareness.

However, traditional allopathic medicines have serious side effects. That's why researchers are also looking into the role of alternative medical treatment in alleviating anxiety and stress. For instance, experts see a lot of promises in Homeopathy for treating anxiety.

What Is Homeopathy? How Does It Work?

Homeopathy is a German science with an essence of Indian spirituality.

--Dr. Nitish Chandra Dubey, CEO @HariOm Homoeo

Homeopathy has its foundation on the principle that "like cures like". To elaborate further, it says that a human body can heal from an ailment by administering the doses of the same product that caused the illness in the first place.

The raw material of these homeopathic remedies include herbs, plants, animals, minerals, and other natural products. The substance is given in tiny doses in diluted form, making it nearly impossible to cause side effects.

Research That Finds Efficacy Of Homeopathy Against Anxiety

Even though the impact of homeopathy on treating anxiety needs more research and proof, the existing evidence indicates positive results in animals.

For instance, a 2012 study report available in the National Library of Medicine suggests that Ignatia Amara relieved mice from anxiety. Mice who consumed medicine with Ignatia had reduced anxiety levels.

Another research published in 2010 suggested that Valeriana officinalis root, an active ingredient in homeopathic medicines, is effective against insomnia. Rats who received valerian had reduced anxious behavior.

An abundance of existing small-scale experiments suggests the positive outcome of administering homeopathic medicines against mental health issues.

Suggested Homeopathic Remedies For Treating Anxiety

Homeopathic medicines have little to no chance of causing side effects. Despite that, the self-prescription of homeopathic remedies can be dangerous. Hence, if you are dealing with anxiety, consult with a homeopath before consuming the medicines mentioned below:

● Argentum Nitricum: Some anxious people feel stage fright with a sense of hurriedness. Also, some of these people face panic in small spaces (claustrophobia), bridges, and other places of height. This medicine can relieve the patients from these fears.

● Arsenicum album: When people are extremely obsessed with cleanliness, security, health, orderly setup, minute details, and control over everything. Digestive issues and asthma attacks are quite frequent in people with such types of anxiety. Here, the Arsenicum album calms down their nerves and reduces their anxiety levels.

● Calcerea Carbonica: This remedy is effective against anxiety that involves fear of losing control and apprehension against any change. The patient goes through excessive sweating and is afraid of the dark. The Calcerea Carbonica is made with seashells.

● Kali Phosphoricum: When the patient is edgy, feels over-sensitive, and has jumpy nerves, they are administered Kali Phosphoricum. It relaxes their nervous system and also treats insomnia, which further helps them transition to normal life.

Why Choose Homeopathy Over Allopathy For Anxiety?

It isn't a secret that allopathic anti-depressants have major side effects. If not administered properly, they might even become addictive. Thus, it will do more harm than good.

On the other hand, homeopathic remedies are quite diluted. Also, they are offered in mini-doses. Hence, there are near zero chances of catching side effects. However, we still recommend you visit a homeopath before consuming any homeopathic medicine.

Another benefit of homeopathy is that the treatment is quite cheaper than traditional and other alternative medicine systems available. It covers a wide spectrum of illnesses under one roof, including mental health issues. Hence, there is always a solution to anxiety, even when you are suffering from multiple issues at once.

Final Words!

Homeopathy may not have a range of proven records against the treatment of anxiety, but it still holds potential. Besides, getting care from reliable homeopathic chains, such as HariOm Homoeo, ensures that your treatment is in safe hands.

Never take anxiety and other mental health issues lightly and consult a doctor right away. It will save your loved ones before the situation deteriorates.


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