SALMON FISHING BANK ANGLERS CONTEST Begins 9/29/2021 and Ends 11/30/2021

Exciting news for salmon fishing bank anglers! A contest given by Mr. Rodney Brown, Owner & CEO of Silvertron, begins 9/29/2021 and ends 11/30/2021. Lots of prizes will be given to the winners. I was blessed to be with him as he announced this contest. Checkout this video for more details. Grateful for your support. Please smash that follow and like buttons. #JUHammah #JUNationFishing #NationJU​​​ #JohnnyUnited​​​ #JohnCantCook​​​ #JUHannah​​​ #Fishing #SalmonFishing #Silvertron #SalmonBankAnglers #SilvertronContest #SacramentoRiver #NewsBreakFishing

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From monster size fish to the tiniest, we'll catch 'em all. I team up with local anglers pursuing the common dream of fishing. I am JU (Jay-You) and my family and friends are known as the Nation. Join the Nation, push that "follow" button. I appreciate you!

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