AMERICAN RIVER SHAD & STRIPED BASS Fishing - Heartbreak Take-Down!

June is a great month to target shad & striped bass in the American River through the Sacramento Metro area. My personal best striped bass came from the American River in June many years ago. We first try to catch an American shad. Then, we use the huge live shad as bait to lure a big striped bass. On this trip, we saw schools of shad; but, they were not biting. We saw lots of striped bass too! We managed two strikes and one hard take-down. The drag from our fishing reel was screaming. I saw a monsta striped bass took off underneath the water before the line went limped. We were fishing in the barbless section of the American River with small hooks. Thus, it was expected. However, it does not reduce the pain of loosing a big fish. Thank you for joining PRO and I on this fishing adventure. Please smash that follow and like button. Thank you! #JUNationFishing #JUHammah #StripedBassFishing #striper #StripedBass #Fishing #NewsBreakFishing #ShadFishing #AmericanRiver

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