How to Make a Website Listing all the COVID Vaccination Centers in your Country with No Code


How I made and how You can make a website to list all the vaccination Centers in your Country or City on a map. I briefly describe the process and tools used. Here’s my website:
Honduras's Vaccination Centers. Link to map

For this project, I used BlueHost and WordPress. Feel free to use your preferred website builder.

To build the map, I used ElfSight’s GoogleMaps Plugin. I used this map because the Search Feature was so efficient. It helps the viewers search and find the Vaccination Centers based on their city. This feature helps users find their results faster and is more personal. For each location, make sure to add nice pictures and the correct address. Good Pictures help people locate vaccination centers faster. Here’s the link:

To obtain the correct information regarding the vaccination centers, it is recommended to verify with multiple sources. The best sources to use are official government websites and accounts. Ask them to provide information and tell them you want to cooperate with them. Also, use local newspapers. They have been given this information in advance. So search for articles and updates regularly.

Make sure to fill your website with useful and relevant content. I added a mental health section because mental health is important too. For references and information, I added links for my government’s websites. That way they can schedule an appointment and inform themselves of any updates.

For the website design, I used Honduras’s national colors. Like the Honduras flag, my website has a white background with different shades of blue. The blue is the same color as the flag.

Finally, you need to spread awareness to make it go viral. Pun intended. To spread awareness, recommend working together with doctors, healthcare groups, newspapers, and your local government agencies. Ask them to share through their social media accounts. That should create some traction to start with.


  1. Build a website using a no-code platform such as WordPress, Wix, etc.
  2. Research for current vaccination centers using government websites, newspapers, and local social media accounts.
  3. Add the vaccination centers’ location using Elfsight GoogleMaps Plugin linked
  4. Generate awareness of your site using social media. Collaborate with Social Accounts that have a lot of followers and focus on healthcare. Also, contact newspapers so they can share it too.
  5. Make sure to check for new information constantly and update your website accordingly.
  6. Enjoy helping. There is no higher purpose than servicing people.

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