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Take a Trip to the Fair With This Week's Cookies from Crumbl Cookies with Locations in Point Loma, San Clemente & more

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The San Diego Fair might be back in full swing this summer, but that doesn't mean everybody's ready to return. Luckily, everyone's favorite cookie shop, Crumbl Cookies, is bringing the flavors of the fair to you in a party box for the week of July 19 - 24.

Since the first Crumbl cookie was sold in 2018, they have been the nation's fastest growing cookie shop -- they have over 200 stores opened nationwide within 2 years! This is partly due to their Tiktok account, where they have a whopping 1.6M followers at the time of this writing. Their iconic pink box and weekly rotating flavors have helped make Crumbl Cookies a cult favorite, with some loyal patrons returning every single week to try all the new flavors. Many Tiktokers and Instagrammers have pages dedicated to reviewing each week's lineup of flavors, helping the cookie company's fame skyrocket. Sadly there's only one location in San Diego currently: Point Loma. The next closest one is in San Clemente, Orange County.

Each cookie is also meticulously made right in front of the customers. Patrons can watch each ingredient being being carefully calculated, weighed, and piped. Their attention to detail helps create extremely photogenic and iconic cookies. And this week's lineup brings flavors of the fair to those who love fair food! Despite being fully vaccinated, I personally have gotten used to avoiding large crowds and the idea of the hot, sticky hordes of people at the fair doesn't appeal to me. I am, however, a fan of fair foods and all the guilty pleasures they bring, so I was excited to hear about this week's cookie lineup!

Caramel Apple spiced apple cookie base paired perfectly with creamy caramel frosting and topped with a crumbly apple streusel. This one tasted like the holidays! That was thanks to the spiced apple cookie, but the caramel frosting did well to round it out and did bring memories of those giant candy apples.

Cinnamon Fry Bread warm butter fry bread style cookie topped with melted butter and cinnamon honey buttercream. You have to eat this one fresh! It reminded me of cornbread, but lightly fried. Definitely reminiscent of fried fair treats like funnel cake. This one was actually my favorite of the fair flavors. I could eat it for breakfast, all day everyday. If only this one could stay past Crumbl's weekly rotations!
Cotton Candy sugar cookieJoy Sun

Berries N' Cream chilled mixed berry sugar cookie topped with fresh whipped cream and a fresh raspberry. This one was almost more cake than cookie! There were berries in the cookie batter, making the cookie itself moist and fall-apart delicate. A very close second favorite in my book.

Cotton Candy warm, soft sugar cookie topped with a fluffy layer of blue and pink cotton candy cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with cotton candy pop rocks. I was worried this one would be cloyingly sweet, but the frosting was a perfect balance! The pop rocks was a fun addition. I definitely got notes of cotton candy and the classic bubblegum flavor.

It was such a fun box and everyone in the household enjoyed trying all the different fair flavors. And if for whatever reason none of these flavors sound particularly appealing to you, Crumbl as always still has their milk chocolate chip cookie and chilled sugar cookie available. They even have pints available with fun flavors like hot chocolate, sea salt toffee, and peanut butter chocolate. Their pints aren't as popular as their cookies, but they're a fun addition if you want to make a Crumbl ice cream cookie sandwich!

And if you do want a taste of the fair without having to physically go, you've only got several more days to get yourself a box!

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