Opinion: How does a democracy die? Lessons for the US.


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Democracy plays an important role in our lives without democracy we would not live peacefully. In the past, there had been many incidents that have led to the end of democracies in many countries one example of that is Russia. Democracy is very fragile when a tyrant leader gains power it ends up in a dictatorship. But have you ever wondered how they become dictators and brainwash the people of a country? What strategies do they use? Let's understand this today. There are many strategies used by a tyrant leader to abolish democracy.

Strategy 1: Divide and Rule.

It is seen in many cases that when a dictator gains power he starts by dividing people, divides people based on religion, race, etc. This was also done by Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler made Jews the enemy of Germany and brainwashed millions of Germans to hate the Jews. This division is usually done to gain support from the majority community in a country to oppress the minority community in a country. This strategy is used by many politicians even today.

Strategy 2: Disarm the citizens.

Adolf Hitler once said, "To conquer a nation, first, disarm its citizens." Let's see what history tells us about gun confiscation:

  1. Guns were restricted in Turkey in 1911 and as a result, one and a half million Armenians were unable to defend themselves and were ethnically cleansed by the government.
  2. 40 million soviets were killed by Stalin's government when Stalin introduced gun control in 1929.
  3. When Adolf Hitler introduced gun control in 1938 millions of Jews, bisexuals, and many other innocent people were killed.
  4. In 1935 Communist China established gun control and 50 million political dissidents were arrested and killed.

These are historical shreds of evidence that cannot be ignored. Many tyrant leaders established gun controls which helped them to maintain their power and kill innocent people.

Strategy 3: Controlling the media.

Media plays an important role in democracy. When it is being controlled then democracy is in danger. Many leaders in the world control it; in the past, many leaders did. Adolf Hitler controlled the media, which helped him brainwash and fool millions of Germans. Even Vladimir Putin controls the media. Controlling the media is like controlling the minds of the people.

Strategy 4: Make yourself a hero.

The next strategy is to portray themselves as saviors. This tactic was used by Hitler too. In 1923 a biography was written on Hitler. In the biography, Hitler was compared to Jesus Christ. That he was the person who would save Germany. It was found out later that the book was written Hitler himself. He compared himself to Jesus Christ. But while publishing the book, he used the name of his friend. It was revealed later that Hitler had praised himself.

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